two large dogs… no fence help!?


I have a great dane (10 weeks old) asnd a pit bull mix that need to be contained. Paying to put up a fence is way to expensive and my husband is in the army and getting ready to deploy so he doesnt have the time to put one up. I was considering one of the invisible fences but am not sure my dogs will be contained. My pitt bull (Buster) is very hyper and runs fast when he is outside, so if he had the shock collar on, he wouldn’t feel it fast enough. I also think my great dane (Pepper) is too big to even feel the pain of the shock. I leave them outside sometimes but they wander too far (I have 5 acres). They love being outside too much for me to just take them out to go to the bathroom and come back inside. Any suggestions? I have about an acre that I want to fence in. Fencing an acre with conventional fencing will be way too expensive with installation and such. Thanks
I have seen the kits at wal mart.. for about 100 bucks. are those good ones? or will they not work?

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    1. stacy s says:

      you should try scat can get them on amazon,

    2. lotsadogs says:

      Your dane should be fine with an electric collar. Don’t buy the Walmart or Home Depot version. Go to for a better quality product (heavier guage wire so the squirrels don’t snap it on you).

      Your 10 week old is too young for electric fence training. I’ve heard you can start training at about 6 months (depending on the dog). You should always also have some type of visible barrier too (even if it’s cheap and low – like chicken wire) to remind them of the boundary.

      My shep will not even test the fence (we have electric inside a very short post/ rail) but if the gate is left open, he shoots thru even knowing he’ll get zapped.

      Also, you don’t have to to the whole acre at the same time. You could start with a smaller section of chain link (if you want) then extend it when you’re ready.

    3. JenVT says:

      The thing about the electronic fences is that they require very specific training for your dogs and then they don’t keep other animals out. We had one and our coonhound would stay in it, if we were there with her. If my husband went into the house, she would just walk through it and suffer the jolt to be with him. It depends on how badly they want what is on the other side…

    4. dilligaf says:

      Go with the invisible fence.
      You can rent a trencher about 30.00 a day// go the your hardware store buy stranded 12 gauge thhn wire (some people call it automotive wire)and install it yourself.
      that’s what we did. And with proper training it works like a charm.
      you can adjust the amount of space between the wire and the dog to give them a warning when they are getting close.
      you can buy the units on e-bay if you are really wanting to bargain shop.
      just make sure you take them out on a leash while they are in training. You don’t want them to get shocked you just want them to learn that when they hear the beep they have to back up.
      I can even let you have our vhs tape on training if you decide to go that route. (you pay to ship) and it’s yours.
      We had the same problem when we moved to the country. There was no way we could afford to fence in 5 acres so, we went the I.F way and it works great the dogs know their bondary’s and respect the fence. It doesn’t keep other dogs out though. but, our dogs are not soley outside and if another comes in we know it cause they bark like crazy! intruder alert!

    5. starfox_04 says:

      We have an invisible fence for our 2 dogs, we have 10 acres for the dogs to run on but one dog was visiting the neighbor’s garbage cans so we had to get the fence.

      It works well most of the time… the one that was getting into the garbage totally respects it. The other dog, on the other hand, has the same problem as your pit bull… she runs so fast she runs right through it sometimes. Then you have a bad situation on your hands, because she feels a bit of the shock when she runs through it then she won’t come back in…

      So its up to you, I can see how it would be a bit of a problem. It doesn’t matter so much to us since we live out in the country and the dog that runs through it never goes very far, but it might be a problem for your dog.

      Also note that the invisible fence is also quite expensive, and if it doesn’t work it could be money wasted.

    6. Ana-Foe says:

      A chain is a great way to contain a dog without the cost of a fence. They have very long ones that would give your dogs plenty of room to roam around. Also fences can be an eye-sore. Only the expensive ones are pretty and only fencing in part of your land will look awkward. Hope this helps!!!

    7. 2Westies says:

      Fencing or even wiring an acre for the electronic fencing would be expensive. Have you looked into buying a used wire dog run? Take the dogs for several long walks a day for exercise around your property and put up a dog run in a shady spot so that they can stay outside. I’ve bought several items through trading times that I’ve been happy with and saved money because they’re used.

    8. <3 Chiweenie says:

      An invisible fence would work fine, the dogs will feel the shock. You can find them pretty reasonably priced on ebay, and you save money because you would be installing it yourself. I saw them on there the other day for between $100 to $200 buy it now prices.

    9. Luvsdard says:

      OMG fencing in just an acre would be mucho dinero. I just did 158 linear ft with 2 gates last summer, 5 ft high vinyl and it was almost $6000. So, maybe you could build a smaller fence or take your dogs to a little league field with gates and let them run there. Just pick up and poop. Inivisible fences arent’ that great and are expensive and they don’t keep other animals out. I don’t know what else to tell ya.

    10. Tash says:

      The shock collar will work on the great dane, worked on ours.

      Instead of paying someone to install a fence why don’t you ask a couple friends who know what they are doing to help you out. That would cut a lot of cost.

      You could also put them out on a chain. You don’t want to lose your dogs because you didn’t fallow the leash law.

    11. Jason M says:

      if ur going to get a shock collar u have to teach them there limits before setting them off on they re own u bring them to the line on leash but before crossing it u say no then u let them cross it they get what it does n voila

    12. KoAussie says:

      You can fence it yourself, using inexpensive materials like t-posts and cattle (stock) panels. If you top it off with PVC, it looks nice and professionally done without the cost:

    13. jenny.parish says:

      Actually the invisible fence peole will come out and guarantee it and train your dogs with flag markers. Trust me they will feel it! I would give it a try.

    14. Nedra E says:

      Do NOT get the invisible fence. It won’t work for your dogs. I know … I have large breed dogs… including one named Pepper.

      good on the 5 acres. Fencing 1 acre will be fine.

      I don’t know what you consider "conventional fencing". That comment has no meaning in the reality of fencing.

      The fencing you need is called a "hot fence". Generally you put metal T-posts in every 10 ft. and run a series of wires on plastic stand-offs. It’s not expensive, and you can space the metal posts further apart if you also put in step-in posts. Go to your local Tractor Supply Store and they can help you. Then get a Zareba charger that will charge a 50mi fenceline. Your large breed dogs need the strong charger to get their attention.

      Where you must have a gate for vehicles, there’s plastic coated wire to put underground as part of the system. I’m 66 and other than the wood posts or metal T-posts, I can do the rest of the installation myself. If I can, you can.

      If you have a really nice neighbor who helps neighbors like I do, the neighbor could put the metal T-posts in and you could put the plastic posts in between them, and you can run the wire. If you don’t have a nice enough neighbor to help, then see if the wives club members know someone, or maybe one of their husbands would help you as another military wife who’s husband is going overseas.

      Good Luck-!-

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