Trouble with the next door dog?


We live next door to a big "outside dog". Whenever my dog comes outside, the other dog starts barking, and that gets my dog to start barking. My grandma lives next door, and her dog always comes over, and then HE gets in on the action too. I doubt any of the dogs could hop the fence into the other’s yard, but I’m worried. What if they did one day, and got into a big fight? The other dog is definetely bigger than both the dogs, and could definetely do some serious damage. Help!

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11 Responses to “Trouble with the next door dog?”

  1. mups mom says:

    we had this problem…husband built a privacy fence so they can’t see each other….

  2. molly s says:

    had the same trouble, except my dog over the wall event happened if I sneezed, breathed, wanted to sit and have coffee at my table outside, the dog over the wall was just noisy, and I couldn’t get him to shut up. his parents [we can call them I guess,] worked most of the time and he was left with nothing to do, I doubt they even walk him, their interaction goes like this:
    "oh motley,whats wrong" imagine this said in a nasely whiny voice..I really wanted to smack motleys mom. I have two dogs, neither bark unless someone approaches…this dog was just ignored and bored and lonely. anyway, i went to a site that advertised electric collars, having already set up a no bark gadget on my side that didn’t affect him in the least.. I printed off a stack of the ads and every night for two weeks, when I walked my dogs, I popped one in the mailbox of motleys mom and dad, the barking has stopped. I know the dog is still there, so perhaps they either got a collar and it worked or realized he must be terrorizing the neighbors and bring him in more or something.

  3. H.O.T. Dog says:

    First thing is to teach your dog to sit or down on command…
    when you take your dog out and it starts barking give him his command to down… or sit… whichever =

    have treats (rewards) like cut up hot dogs with you…

    as your dog does its command then give it a reward.

    Have your dog stay interested in you =instead of the other dog…

    Hope this helps
    H.O.T. Dog
    Handler Owner Trainer of GSD’s
    Member U.S.A & A.W.D.F

  4. Blondie knows Best says:

    Talk to your neighbor about this problem. If she/he doesn’t do anything about this, then try to let your dog out only when the other dog isn’t around. Maybe you could arrange with your neighbor keeping their dog inside for some of the day.

    Best Wishes,
    Blondie knows Best

  5. john m says:

    try building a higher fence, also try training your dog to hide around objects in the yard.

  6. koehlerdogtraining says:

    Teach your dog to mind his own business, which is the business that you define for him. Him responding in kind to a barking dog means he’s not responding to you. Fix that and the ‘problem’ goes away.

  7. muriel l says:

    build a higher fence if you can, and take your dog to a dog trainer and see if he can train him to ignore the other dog, but you should know that barking is natural instinct. good luck.

  8. frozenloc2 says:

    Know this, if your dog ends up next door on the neighbors property fighting with there dog, you will be held responsible, not the neighbor even if your dog gets killed by there dog.

  9. osito_lover says:

    wow! tough!
    that is a problem, and you can’t do much. but you could try to take your dog to the other side of your house, and distract it so it won’t be expecting to hear the neighbors dog. and ever thought about maybe using your grandma’s yard for playdates??

  10. DP says:

    Train your dog to ignore the dog next door..

  11. believer says:

    My neighbor has a dog – and when he and I first met he said "yea, I’m hte one with the dog that barks at everything". I told him – as the owner of 2 dogs (at the time – now there are three) that I would be the last person to complain. So there is a dog to the right, a dog to the right and behind us and a dog to the left/behind us. And they are alllllll barkers. At first, my dogs responded, but I went outside and shusshed them – come, quiet, sit, quiet. Then I released them. Yep, they went back and barked, so I repeated and repeated and repeated – and now – the neighbor’s dogs bark less, my dogs hardly bark at all – even when there’s do bark and I am happier and I know that my neighbor’s directly to the left that DON’T have dogs think my dogs are great, know that my dogs aren’t the ones barking and are happy. And that makes me happy.

    Dogs bark, it’s normal. If they aren’t fence fighting, then I wouldn’t worry too much about them jumping fences to kill one another. Also, just because a dog is bigger doesn’t mean that it will be the instigator of an attack. Just last night a pom/poodle mix (weird looking, but very cute dog) set BOTH of my pitbull mixes in their place, scared them off, and the growl made them submit and they rolled over (one literally ran away). So bigger doesn’t mean diddly poo unless the bigger is vicious. Barking also doesn’t mean vicious . . . Please keep that in mind.

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