The price of a fence for dogs?


okay, after previously asking if i was right to foster a dog, many people answered with "ask your shelter if you need fence", "I remand a fence", or "fence is mandatory". So i have decided to take a fence into consideration . I have researched and found out that the chain link fence is best. I would like it to be 5ft tall. In th price please include the posts they stick into the ground every foot. So How much would it be?

WAIT 1 more question: How many feet are in the parameter of 3/4 of an acre?
I live in the USA by the way

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    1. yangky_5 says:

      I think you’d only need a fence to keep a puppy in. I didn’t see your last question but I think dogs develop better temperament when they are free to roam around the house and interact with people.

      For my puppy, I bought those portable fences that are about 3 feet high. I have a Great Dane puppy and it keeps her in. Each part of the fence was around USD50 and I got two so that she’d have more space to run around in.

      It might help for you to mention what country you live in because the price of fence materials differ in each country.

    2. Mrs.Nicholson says:

      3/4 an acre is roughly 722ft for the parameter.

      5ft tall and 50ft long chain link fencing (at Lowes) is $95. So you would need about 14 1/2 of those. And the posts (at Lowes) are about $11. Plus you would need the gate and concrete to set the posts and all the little accessories that go along with it. So I would guestimate you would end up paying $2,000 to $2,500 if not a little more.

      Go to Lowes or Home Depot or call around to a local fencing company and have them help you figure up everything.

      There is no way you will find fencing for $270, especially for an acre

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