The neighbors & dogs causing me & me dogs stress with barking & fence running, any advice on how to handle?


We just bought a house this past September with a huge fenced-in backyard. The yard was for our 2 dogs (now 3). We have 3 neighbors on each side of our backyard and 2 of the 3 have younger kids and dogs. Our dogs grew up in apartments, condo’s, and a trailer – they are not very well socialized and are non-aggressive, but are very stranger people and dog weary. EVERY single day, our one neighbor behind us leaves their little Yorkie-terrier type dog out for hours now that the weather is getting nicer or will have that dog out in the backyard as they are working on their yard or sitting in the backyard for hours with them. I know that its their yard, they have every right, but we only let our dogs out 3 times a day, at 5am, 5:30pm, and 9:30pm since our dogs are constantly running to the back of the property, into a row of mature pine trees and shrubs to fence-run and bark with that dog. We’ve had to limit their outside time (they are really only let outside to go potty, we don’t just let them out and leave them out unattended – habit from the way we raised them in other homes and not having that luxury or option). The neighbor doesn’t do ANYTHING at all when they hear our dogs barking and running together – they are playing, but our dogs do NOT come back in the house for as long as that dog or the neighbor is outside. They get fixated or obsessed with this little dog or people and do not listen very well. I’ve had to crawl into bushes and trees to drag my dogs back into the house after 30-minutes of unsuccessfully drawing them away from the distraction and the entire time, the neighbor is going about his business and not helping the matter. Yesterday, when I let them out after feeding them after work, they were, of course, outside again, and this time his kid screamed, "OMG! The dogs! M—– (their dog) is so scared!" to which the man said, "Just take the dog in the house" and that’s the only way our dogs calmed down, but I immediately brought them in the house any way since they were so hyped up and they ended up soiling in the house instead because they were too distracted and didn’t do their business outside. This happens too frequently for my liking, but we are almost forced to bring our dogs inside every time they or their dog is outside. I realize the problem is in our dogs, but can anyone offer some advice on how I can try to handle this issue? I don’t want to be known as the "bad" neighbor, but our dogs and we have every right to enjoy the fenced-in yard we made a requirement when house hunting just for our dogs! Thanks!

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3 Responses to “The neighbors & dogs causing me & me dogs stress with barking & fence running, any advice on how to handle?”

  1. BCDawgMa **Luv My Chynna** says:

    Try double fencing this section of yard from your neighbor with a privacy fence.

  2. mop says:

    Ask your neighbors if their dogs can come across the fence for supervised play with your dogs. After a couple of times, I’m sure they will be fine.

  3. Lorraine says:

    I can understand your predicament but as you say they have every right to allow their dogs to do whatever they wish their side of the fence.

    If this was me then I would create a space between the fences by building another fence that they can’t see through about 6 ft away from the back fence.

    Expensive but worth it I would say.

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