The neighbor dog lunges and growls at me from his chained position. What can I do? I can't use my yard .?


This dog has either been penned up or chained. Gets very little exercise. I can’t go to my car, my clotheslines or shed without getting lunged, growled at. The dog owners say it is my fault for tormenting the dog. I have never done anything. And then they blame my fear. Isn’t the dog owner always the problem?

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  1. Be White says:

    i know this isnt the best answer but if the chain does break or the dog somehow attacks you i dont see how you couldnt file a lawsuit against the owners. No citizen should have to be afraid that a neighbors dog would attack them. its just not right

  2. hard2getbutch says:

    Next time you go out there… toss him some chicken. he might like that. I would not worry what they say. just tell them that perhaps they dont like it, I would move the dog out of your area. HA! Dont worry anymore. Once you toss him chicken bits, he will be fine. Might take some time to get used to you coming out to toss chicken to him. Just dont make it too obvious that is what you are doing… cause then they might say something. But if it esculates more then this… I would surely say something to them about how he is acting as ask them to move him somwhere else.

    Good luck i hope this helps!

  3. kw.downs says:

    if the dog cant reach you it can’t harm you so just ignore it

  4. LostMyMind says:

    You are not "tormenting" their dog. They cannot expect you to not go into your backyard just because of their ill mannered dog. You are in a "no win" situation. From what you have written, this animal has the potential to attack if the chain ever breaks.

    The dog owner is not always the problem. However, responsible pet owners will not blame others like these neighbors are. A responsible owner would relocate their aggresive dog someplace on their property where the safety of their neighbors would be assured.

    I would consult the local animal control officers regarding the aggressive behavior of this animal.

  5. frida_pie says:

    it’s their fault for chaining their dog. shame on them. dogs need love, attention and training, not to be kept on a chain. dogs should be a part of the family. they are very social animals, and need companionship. the dog is probably bored and lonely, and gets excited when you are near because he wants some attention from anyone. poor baby. it’s not his fault., or yours, its his owners.

  6. Jennifer says:

    I would call up the SPCA and report the dangerous dog. What worries me is if that chain snaps… you’re gone.

  7. Emily S says:

    It shouldn’t happen to “man’s best friend,” but it does.

  8. Wolff says:

    the dogs sounds like he’s become frustrated from not getting exercise and always being chained up and is taking it out on everyone he can, he could also have become territorial of the area his chain allows him to get to. the is a pit bull the lived across the street from me, she has become the exact same way of her little circle of dirt that her cable allows her access to (she never gets walked or played with and sometimes not even fed and watered everyday, but she’s still alive and provided for so i can’t get the owners for abuse, which sucks) and yet when OFF the cable she’s the sweetest dog possible. anyway, is there no area between you and the dog and your cloths line and such? if he comes over your property line you should be able to get animal control involved. if the dog doesn’t have shelter, food and water on a regular basis you might be able to peg the owner for abuse.

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