The Great Dog Escape – How to Prevent your Dog from Climbing or Jumping the Fence

dog jumping fenceDo you have problems with your dog scaling the fence and escaping your yard? No matter what kind of dog you have, whether it’s a Jack Russell Terrier, Siberian Husky, Pit Bull or a Labrador Retriever, dogs of all sizes love to venture out into the world. They could be bored, lonely, or smell the neighbor’s grilling steak. Whatever the reason, you need to stop this bad behavior to protect your dog and keep him safe.

There are many factors to consider for both the fence and your dog.

First, examine your yard to see if there are any items along the fence line that your dog can climb on to help him get out. Trashcans, BBQ grills, or a stack of wood all make good stepping stools. If you identify any of these remove them.

Next, examine the height of your fence to see if it’s too short. If it is, you can make it taller by attaching products such as lattice, chicken wire, or garden fencing. This can be installed straight up, to add height, or you can tilt it in at a 45 degree angle, which makes it much harder for your canine to get up and over.

Another option is to run electric wire around the top perimeter of your fence. This creates a “fear” barrier that uses a safe electric shock to deter your dog. The fence is harmless unless someone is trying to get over it, and your dog only gets shocked when he reaches the top. It won’t take too many zaps before he won’t jump again.

A non electric choice is to install roller bars along the top of the fence. These can be made of pvc pipe or any long round tubes that spin when touched. This method prevents your dog from gaining the necessary foothold needed to pull himself up and over. This also keeps other animals from jumping into your yard as well.

Create a barrier between your dog and the fence. Plant a hedge row or bushes to block him from having a good running start. The farther you can push the boundary between the yard and the top of the fence, the more difficult it will be to leap over.

For an added layer of deterrent install a wireless invisible fence inside the boundary of the real fence. You can do this yourself and buy a kit at your local hardware store, or from Amazon. You can also hire a contractor to put in a dogs electric fence for you.

If fence modification is not on your list, you may want to work on modifying your dogs behavior instead. When you catch your dog climbing the chain link fence yell “NO!” or squirt him with the hose. Repeat this every time you bust him doing it.

Positive reinforcement works great as well. Reward your pup when you catch him engaging in correct behavior with treats and affection. A little love goes a long way!

For particularly stubborn or young dogs, obedience school may be in order. Locate a good dog trainer or local dog training school and enroll your puppy. There are many great online dog training courses available as well.

If all else fails, restricting your dogs movement within the yard may be your only option. Putting your dog on a long leash attached to a permanent fixture will keep him within bounds. Or you can run a long cable across your yard and tie the leash up to that so your dog can run.

As a last resort, you may need to place your run away pup into a dog kennel with a roof or kennel cover. Or only allow him outside under strict supervision.

Keeping a fence climbing dog from escaping the yard is a lot of work, but in the end it’s better to keep your pet safe than risk him getting hurt, lost, or stolen.

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