The Dog That Jumps Over Fences


Rusty, our australian cattle dog can jump over fences!

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6 Responses to “The Dog That Jumps Over Fences”

  1. ZiptieTheDog says:

    That is better than him being on a chain!

  2. bravo45th says:

    Well we found away, most people disagree with shock collars but much has change ever since bad things have happen to dogs before. Its not like a shock in shock therapy, but more of like….you know when you get a shock from static electricity. Well that is how they say it works, so its not a bad shock at all and he seems to do really good on it.

  3. ZiptieTheDog says:

    A friend of mine had to put a big pvc pipe inside the fence (almost at the top) to keep her dog in. It worked!

  4. bravo45th says:

    Lol thats funny. Yeah we had to come up with away to stop him from jumping the fence, he was getting in trouble.

  5. ZiptieTheDog says:

    My Heeler can really jump too. I some times I see Ziptie on top of the rabbit cage.

  6. SNUpunk says:

    Half cat, half dog. Lol. I love it!

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