The Difference Between an Electric Dog Fence, Invisible Dog Fence, Wireless Pet Fence, and Underground Dog Fence

When it comes to backyard pet containment systems, no product’s name gets more confused than underground fencing. Invisible fence, wireless pet containment system, and electric dog fence are some of the terms used interchangeably. Unfortunately this is not accurate.

Electric Dog Fence

An electric fence is made from a wire that is run above ground. It can be placed along the top or bottom of a fence and uses an electrified wire which delivering a shock to anything that touches it. Electric fences are more commonly used in ranching or livestock-management.

Invisible Pet Fences

In contrast, invisible pet fences, which are also referred to as hidden dog fences or underground fences for dogs, are actually electronic dog fences also known as a Radio Fence.

Radio Dog Fence

A radio fence works by sending an electronic radio signal through the buried boundary wire out in the yard. Your pet wears a special receiver collar which detects the radio frequency. When your dog or cat gets too close to the boundary wire, the collar emits a warning beep. If the pet continues on it will receive a mild shock from the collar.

Wireless Dog Fences

Wireless fences for dogs don’t have a wire buried out in the yard.  They work with a training collar and a transmitter in your home.  The transmitter sends out a radio signal which is picked up by the dog collar.  If they dog gets too far from the receiver and the collar loses the signal, then the dog gets a shock.  This type of dog containment system goes out in a circular pattern and is not as exact as the underground boundary wire.

So, while both fences need electricity to function, an electric fence carries an electric current through the exposed wire that actually shocks the animal, while with a radio fence the wire transmits a signal to the dog collar, which administers the shock.

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