the cat next door keeps attacking my cat. how can i stop it?


so, we got new next door neighbors about a year ago and they brang a cat with them but i never see them spending time with the cat. my cat has been here for 5 years and has had no problems until they moved in and now their cat keeps attacking my cat! they said their cat was female and so is mine. mine is also desexed i dont know about theirs.ive tryed alot of things- scaring the cat by chasing it and throwing rocks at it (never hitting it) and once it took a chunk out of my kittys ear IN FRONT OF US!!! so my dad picked it up and threw it in the pool and then got it out (it could swim and the water was warm) and the cat stayed away for a month but then came back and it got worse. my kitty always comes home with new scratches and sometimes i find alot of my cats fur on the ground when they were fighting. My kitty whines and meows but never scratches back because she such a little cat compared to the massive black poof ball next door. ie never said anything to next door because when i asked them to fix their fance because their dogs were breaking it and if they broke it enough they would get to my chickens (and kill them) ive spent hours in the backyard piling bricks and rocks where their dogs have tryed to dig under to get my chickens. we also got some spray to keep cats away and sprayed it all along the fence to keep the cat away but its not happening! the cat just keeps coming back! and my cat keeps getting hurt! my cat hides most of the day! should i complain to next door? i mean its not right that my cat was here first and their cat can come along and scare my cat so i refuse to make my kitty an inside kitty! but what should i say to the neighbors? i was thinking of catching their cat the next time it over(how????) then taking it over and telling them! but should i? or does anyone have anything else i could do?
I cant make my kitty indoors because my mum and dad wont let me! plus tiger was a stray and only likes to come in side to sleep at night! im not gonna let her down by making her an inside kitty just because of that cat! and yes my cat stays in my yard and my nans yard (1 door down) as well as my other next door neighbor but we got permission of them and they are fine about it

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10 Responses to “the cat next door keeps attacking my cat. how can i stop it?”

  1. brielle21 says:

    Dont let your cat outside, period.
    if that cat has aids or feline luekima your cat can catch it and its very dangerous. other dieases too like rabies

  2. somber_pieces says:

    It seems to me that you’ve done everything you can – but the other cat is a bully and its owners don’t mind that their cat is a Big Bully.

    The only other thing I could suggest is that you get yourself a Super Soaker Water-gun. Or when you’re watering your plants – hose it every time you see it on your side of the yard or your property. Eventually it will learn that it is not welcome on your side of the fence.
    When I was little – my dad would prepare water balloons in case there was a cat trespassing on our property. Even if it was a neighbor’s cat. He would take particular joy at tossing a water bomb at a trespassing cat.
    (this was before there were super soaker water guns)

    When I got a kitty of my own, he would not target my cat – he would be "protecting" my cat by tossing a water bomb at any other cat that came onto our property – because it was not welcome.

    One of our neighbors hated cats or birds that trespassed on their property, so what they did was shoot it on sight. Not with an airgun, but with his shotgun. When ever we heard a big boom from out of nowhere. Some poor bird or cat just bought it. I always worried that my cat would be next.
    Like one poor kittty got blown away just because it was sitting on their fence. What was left, there was only the back half that was left sitting on the top of the fence. While there was a gaping space on the fence where the front half of the cat was, I didn’t know what my dad meant that our neighbor "must have been using buckshot" – but now that I’m older, I know.

    But she always stayed in our yard & never wandered the neighborhood.

    Good luck!!

  3. Melinda says:

    sure, its not "fair" that your cat was there first, but until the other cat is under control, you should keep it inside. cat fights can cause injuries that turn into abscesses, from all the bacteria cats have in their mouths. I am a vet tech & see many cats euthanized for these conditions. Also, there are several contagious diseases like Feline Leukemia & FIV (like kitty AIDS) that are transmitted this way. So whatever you decide to do, make sure your cat is vaccinated. Your neighbors do not sound like responsible pet owners, so you can try talking to them but if that doesn’t work, calling Animal Control may be your best option. As a last resort, after trying the other options, you can also get a live trap (its like a cage) trap the cat & take it to the pound. I think its horrible that your dad threw the cat in the pool, and you almost sound disappointed that it could swim. Maybe you shouldn’t own animals, either.

  4. SnowBirdy6 says:

    First of all, you need to go over and speak with the owner of the cat. Tell them what is happening and that it is unfair to your cat to be beaten in her yard. Tell them that they could get an invisi-fence for her. If they are rude or do not cooperate with you, you should call animal control. Ask them their opinion. My guess though is that they will ask you to trap it for them. They will either take it over to the owners and tell them they need to keep it indoors, or take it away for them to claim. I assume your cat only stays in your yard? If not, you could start a war. SO make sure she stays in your yard ONLY.. or take her in your house and do not let her out until this is all sorted out..

    Eventually if nothing works out, you may have to just keep her inside. 🙁

  5. tiggersays_ttfn says:

    They have products that keep dogs & cats out of the yard……spray some on their side of the fence (so to speak) I would make them pay for any vet bills and if any of this doesn’t do any good, call animal control and let them take the animal and handle the situation.

  6. spazn911 says:

    The answers here are ludicrous as I suspect the question is. There is nothing you can do to stop a cat from doing what comes natural. Try to stop a tiger from attacking you. Depending on the breed of cat, it may not be as domesticated as others, though black cats are usually more docile. If the cats are outdoor cats, they WILL be territorial in one way or another, especially if they are not spayed. If you choose to keep any animal outdoors, it does not belong to you, it belongs to nature and will rely on natural instincts as it should for self preservation. Survival of the fittest unfortunately. Sorry I cannot offer a solution, just advice. Keep the cat inside if you care about it. Look on for info..

  7. jules says:

    dont let your cat out. and call animal control on your neighbors. they wont take the cat but theyll fine the owners. the leash law applies to cats too. youre not supposed to let them roam free.

  8. Doug says:

    tell his mom.

  9. Café Mocha Valencia says:

    If your cat keeps getting hurt WHY DO YOU KEEP LETTING IT OUT? Move it indoors – problem SOLVED! It’s only a matter of time till your cat ends up run over by a car, eaten by a coyote, poisoned, picking up a disease, etc, etc, etc.

    I really can’t believe you keep allowing your cat to get beat up. That’s very sad. Shame on you.

    As for the dogs – if they’re destroying your fence and very aggressive I would call animal control on them. If they’re that aggressive towards chickens I’m sure they’d attack a small child. And what about your cat? Aren’t you afraid of them getting hold of her?

    edit: "though black cats are usually more docile" LOL!!! The colour of a cat has NOTHING to do with its personality.

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