tattoing a pet with a HILDBRANDT?????


I Was thinking of buying a Hildbrandt tattoo pen labeled for mainly cosmetic use although at the end of the description it mentions that veterinarians and breeders are using them on pets.does anyone know if these units are safe to use on animals?I emailed the co. and all they told me was the same info I had already read about the unit which I obtained on ebay they are selling these units for about -89.My only purpose is to tattoo I.D. # on pets.does anyone know if there is a difference between these units and other units that are sold strictly for the use on animals such as the "rabbitat or battat".I’m thinking economical but will go with the best answer.thank you.
i currently use avid microchips i live in a community where the spca don’t givea hoot about animal welfare a lot of these animals are lost and sometimes a visual i.d. along helps them at least get to a vet for a poss. scanning and then they will see a microchip.thanks 15yr breeder

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2 Responses to “tattoing a pet with a HILDBRANDT?????”

  1. swtchk says:

    You might want to try the home again implant chip instead. from what I know all animal control and vets scan them automatically. Usually during tatooing the pets need to be anesthetized during and they # you tatoo has to be registered and there is less success rate in finding their homes because not all people know where to look for the registration info. Just a thought..

  2. ER Vet Tech says:

    Home again implant is definitely better and more humane than tatooing your pets. SHe’s right not everyone knows to check the ears for tattoos, but most every vet has a chip scanner and they are universally put behind the neck so everyone knows where to look. It is a quick injection just like their regular shots. Tattooing is painful and more expensive due to the need to anesthitize them. Why are you wanting to do this yourself? Are you a tattoo artist and just decided to branch out into animal id’s? I really would recommend leaving it to the professionals if you are not. Remember also that people choose tattoos, pets do not have choice. You must have a lot of animals to be considering your own tattoo gun. Either way chips are better, I have seen greyhound ear tattoos fade over time and become unreadable and useless. Chips never change and although the pets don’t choose them either it is just a quick shot for their own good.

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