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Which Underground Dog Fencing Manufacturer is the Best?

Tweet When it comes to selecting underground dog fencing for your yard you may be a bit overwhelmed by all of the brands.  With all of the different choices available online and at your local home improvement, hardware, and pet stores, it’s hard to know which one to pick. Luckily, purchasing hidden dog fencing isn’t […]


Invisible Dog Fence Troubleshooting – How to Locate and Fix a Break in Your Underground Dog Fencing

Tweet Invisible dog fences are a great way to keep your pet safely within the boundary of your yard for those people who don’t want to install a backyard fence. The only time there is a problem is when it quits working. Since the majority of the hidden dog fence is underground, locating a broken […]


How do I give my dog more roaming room without building a fence?

Tweet I’m currently using a tie-out for my dog, but it gives him a limited area to run around. I’ve heard underground dog fences are a hassle to install. I came across a radial-shaped wireless dog fence by Havahart that provides a roaming area of over 11 acres. Has anyone else heard of this? Here’s […]


Underground Dog Fences – The Perfect Solution for Any Home

Tweet – Whether you are moving to a new home with pets that are a loving part of your family or you just brought home a new puppy, one of your first considerations is always going to be how you will contain your dogs to your own property. If you don’t want to spend […]


What type of dog fence should I use?

Tweet I am planning on adopting a dog soon but I live next to a busy street. I don’t really want to chain my dog up all the time or fence in my entire yard because it would cost too much money. Then I saw this thing about underground dog fences. If you could tell […]

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