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Invisible Dog Fence Troubleshooting – How to Locate and Fix a Break in Your Underground Dog Fencing

Tweet Invisible dog fences are a great way to keep your pet safely within the boundary of your yard for those people who don’t want to install a backyard fence. The only time there is a problem is when it quits working. Since the majority of the hidden dog fence is underground, locating a broken […]


Insurance for an invisible pet fence installer?

Tweet I’m looking to start an Invisible Pet Fence installation business but am unsure how to find insurance and what would be appropriate. Since the line is only buried 6" underground (at most) there’s very little chance of hitting anything or doing any damage. I’m just not sure where to look for insurance or an […]


American Hidden Dog Fences – Pet Fences in Jacksonville, FL

Tweet American Hidden Dog Fences provides the PetStop invisible electronic fence and the pet collar with electronic transmitter for training your animal to stay within the exterior boundary. Other Dog Fence Sites Online Long Range FM Transmitter Circuit | Amplifiers-Electronic amplifier circuits, power amplifier,audio amplifier, stereo amplifier designs Electronic Dog Fences « Amira Blogs […]


How do you Detect a Break in an Invisible Fence?

Tweet My invisible pet fence quit working again.  The last time I had the dog fence company out to repair the problem they charged me an arm and a leg.  However, they did leave me an rf choke, which is a small copper wire wrapped around a 1/2 inch cylinder.  I’m supposed to attach this […]

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