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Utility Locating and Fence Installation – How to Locate Underground Wires and Utility Lines when Building a Fence

Tweet Q. I’m thinking of building a fence in my backyard to keep my two dogs, a greyhound and collie, safe. My sons have graciously volunteered to help. We know where we want to install the fence but how do we find out where all of the underground power lines are buried? The last thing […]


Dog Gate Fail

Tweet . I bought this gate recently and every time I came home he was in the living room, so I set up the camera to find out what was going on.


Ultimate Dog Tribute – Dogs are Awesome too

Tweet . After seeing “people are awesome” I decided to pay homage to man’s best friend; who are equally awesome. Videos taken from youtube public domain: Music: Sir Simon Rattle- O Fortuna Penguin Cafe Orchestra- Perpetuum Mobile Video Selections: 1. Pedigree Dogs ad shot 1000 FPS using the Phantom camera 2. Captain the Wonder […]


How do you repel cats, but not dogs, from a garden?

Tweet . The garden fences on our estate act as a cat motorway. One cat regularily sits on our fence and taunts my dog. The cat has even come into my kitchen which is very dangerous as we have a cat-unfrindly greyhound and I would hate for the cat to get hurt. Also I want […]


what dog breeds are bad for an invisible fence?

Tweet like i heard great danes are bad dogs for invisible fences, somehing with their speed, and their instinces to chase rabbits and stuff. what are some other breeds that are bad for invisible fences? thanks that was it greyhound, not great dane, sorry Other Dog Fence Sites Online Lowest Possible Price PetSafe PIF-300-11 Wireless […]


Foxy Crying because she is in her exercise pen.

Tweet Foxy peed on my bed so while I am washing sheets I put her in her pen, She of course is letting me know how she feels about that! Other Dog Fence Sites Online

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