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Which Underground Dog Fencing Manufacturer is the Best?

Tweet When it comes to selecting underground dog fencing for your yard you may be a bit overwhelmed by all of the brands.  With all of the different choices available online and at your local home improvement, hardware, and pet stores, it’s hard to know which one to pick. Luckily, purchasing hidden dog fencing isn’t […]


Invisible Fence Dog Collars?

Tweet . Does anyone know if you can take the box off of invisible fence dog collars and put it on another (regular) collar? Our dog chewed up the collar part, but not the box. Other Dog Fence Sites Online Invisible Fence R21 & R51 Dog Collar Battery Reviews | Chow Pups invisible fence? Digital […]

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Training Safely With Electric Dog Collar

Tweet for free electronic dog collars training videos. Train your dogs with electric dog collars and safely get them to obey and stop dog problems. Electric dog collars are the way to go! Welcome to Tri-Tronics – American Made Electronic Dog Training … Tri-Tronics, the World’s Leader in Electronic Dog Training Equipment, celebrates over […]

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