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Installing an Electric Dog Fence – How to Determine how much Underground Dog Fence Wire you Will Need

Tweet When you install an underground pet fence it is important to remember that the wiring must make a continuous loop around the perimeter of your yard for the invisible fence to operate. Each end of the wire connects into the transmitter box, which is installed somewhere in your home. The electric current runs from […]


I want to adopt a Siberian husky. I have a five foot tall chain link fence, will the dog jump my fence?

Tweet . And I have a one acre yard will she be able to escape even if I exercised her every day. she is a medium to large sized siberian husky , she has a thin build and weighs 65 pounds. Other Dog Fence Sites Online Area units converter. Surface Area | Convert to units […]


Best Invisible Fence for an acre yard

Tweet . My Siberian husky gets out and away from me a lot. I want to get an invisible fence for her. I am afraid she is going to get hit by a car. i live on a dead end street but there are some cars that speed down the road. my dog usually stays […]


How well do invisible dog fences work on Siberian Huskies?

Tweet . I recently got a Siberian husky puppy and I want to get an electric dog fence for him so he can run around off a leash. He’s 8 weeks old and I currently walk him on a leash. I have around a half acre yard that I want to keep him in. I […]

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