Suggestions for landscape with two big dogs!?


We have a small hill in our backyard that is landscaped – we used to have it mulched with small metal fencing around it. However, since our dogs got bigger, they now think this is a playground area and run through it. We are thinking about mulching it again this year, but does anyone have any better suggestions? We thought stones, but the dogs will most likely kick them into the grass which would get caught in our mower.

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3 Responses to “Suggestions for landscape with two big dogs!?”

  1. Susan D says:

    Invisible fencing around the garden.

  2. Truth says:

    Large stone like 100 to 400lbs some bushes with stickers to keep the dogs away. Minimal amount of lawn for them to destroy.

  3. Snow Blossom says:

    We also have a sloped landscaped area and have SEVEN dogs. I gave up using my metal fences and chintzy contraptions and accepted reality.

    We mulched one year and the dogs laughed at our pitiful attempts to make the yard tidy. (They had other ideas about what it should look like.)

    Finally we used thick lava stone and a durable variety of junipers to landscape with. Every spring I get the rake and rake some of the scattered rocks back into position, but it’s better than filling holes and constantly replacing plants from digging and it’s working better than I thought it would!

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