Stupid pet store, gotta make it up to my tort!?Help?


LOOONNNGG story short, I was 7, my brother 9 and he wanted an exotic pet, so we decided on a tort. A local reptile store knew a lot bout torts told us a red foot would be good since my mom did not want to be stuck with a 200 pound African spurd tort when my brother went to collage! well, they told us he liked dry climates and tort pellets where a good enough diet for him. I was 12 when I discovered how to ACTUALLY care for the poor guy. He is 8 inches long now in an 8×3 open top tort table, so he has a good enclosure. But it is hard to keep it humid. I feed him every 2 days a diet of 50% greens(Usually mustard or romaine) 25% veggies(usually carrots or cucumber) 20% fruit(Usually grapes, watermelon or an occasional bit of banana.)
Is that a good diet? He is only 8 inches, so I know the table is big enough, once he gets bigger we plan to build him a pen in the back yard. How can I keep his current cage humid enough.(My mom says it still has to look ok.) Oh, btw, yes he has uva/uvb lighting. Does he need an actual basking area like most reptile?? I’m only 13 and my brother has completely stopped caring about him, but I really want to give him a good life, so can you please help?

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  1. Princess says:

    Yes All Tortoises and Turtles need a lot of basking in the sun especially – since the rays of the sun are very good for their shells ! Their diet would normally consist of Apples, Oranges, Pears, Strawberries, Bananas ( or banana bread as an alternative ), Grapes, watermelons, Salad, Carrots, cucumbers, Kale, Tomatoes, Shrimp, Pellets, Nuts, Raisins and sometimes white meat like Chicken ( Believe it or not ) which is one of my turtle’s favorite dishes. You night also want to get one of those heat rocks that they sell in the pet stores like ( Petsmart, Petco ETC.) in the reptile section to not only help him stay warm but also to help him digest his food and water this is what I did with my Baby Box Turtle and believe it or not it works ! Also if you are going to go outside and read or do gardening work ( with you mom ) in you backyard and your backyard is fenced then take your baby tortoise with you, the fresh air will also do him some good – especially for his lungs. Just make sure it is not too cold outside, and always keep an eye on your tortoise make sure he stays safe of course ! Also make sure that when he goes to sleep at night – that you always provide him with a warm blanket for him to stay warm especially since Tortoises and Turtles are Cold Blooded animals and need help with keeping warm especially now that it is their hibernation season which runs from Fall to Spring. Also give your Tortoise a lot of Love and make sure his skin doesnt get too dry – because this is not healthy for them. I hope this information helps good luck to you and your Tortoise ! 🙂

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