Spray Sense Anti Bark Collar by Premier


Premier Spray Sense Anti-Bark Collar Product Demo. Buy Now! www.thepamperedpetmart.com www.thepamperedpetmart.com

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4 Responses to “Spray Sense Anti Bark Collar by Premier”

  1. MonkeyPowers says:

    @12345JJBB I agree rthat zappers are bad but these arent and the news paper dosnt work on all dogs. Some dogs will bark and go nuts even if u were throwing them into a wall.

  2. 12345JJBB says:

    @MonkeyPowers There’s a reason why a rolled up newspaper exists as a device to make dogs stop in movies, it’s not a myth lol. Fool.

    But my bad, I thought this was the zapping ones, which ARE inhumane, don’t try to deny it.

  3. MonkeyPowers says:

    @12345JJBB ur a retard. it fucking sprays them dear god. Im pretty sure screaming,beating and yelling at ur dog is inhumane. teaching them to stop when u say quiet with a spray bottle that goes on their collar is the best thing ever made for them

  4. 12345JJBB says:


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