Solution for dog path along fence line?


We have two dogs that constantly run up and down two of the three fence lengths in our backyard. As a result the grass is barely there along the fences. We’re considering lining the perimiter of the yard with paving stones — and giving up on the grass. Has anyone tried this, or do you have another solution?

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3 Responses to “Solution for dog path along fence line?”

  1. Labrdogs Kennel says:

    another idea would be to add wood chips which may be cheaper than paving stones or even pebbles. Could use edging to keep it within the "path" that the pup has created. then you can always plant ortimental grasses in front of the path so you don’t have to see it and the ortimental grasses hold up to being tracked through.

  2. Goldengal says:

    I used pea gravel and that works as well. It is small enough to pound down and compact it so the dogs don’t try to eat it. There is nothing else I can think of to use. Any bigger stones and the dogs may chew on them. Paver’s are good also.
    My neighbor used ground up plastic mulch and his dog was in the vets in a week with a stomach full of the plastic mulch.
    I think just regular much would probably have the same results.
    Good luck!

    Most ornamental grasses are toxic to dogs!

  3. Doc E says:

    You can either have grass or the dogs. The paving stones is a good solution that won’t look bad if you do it right.

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