Six Reasons Why Your Dog is Jumping the Fence

dog jumping fenceAs any dog owner knows, dogs love to run, jump and play. Unfortunately, sometimes this means that they jump over the fence and escape from their yard. This behavior exposes them to the dangers of the outside world, including getting hit by a car, lost, stolen, or run-ins with other animals.

So what are some of the reasons that would cause a dog to try and escape the confines of a nice safe yard and turn into a fence jumping dog?


Canines are intelligent animals that need lots of mental stimulation. If your pet is left by himself all day with nothing to do rest assured he’ll come up with something to occupy himself. You’d be amazed at how creative a bored dog can be in finding ways to amuse himself. Jumping the fence may be his answer, since he can then go off and do whatever he wants.

Find a way to keep him happily occupied in his own yard. Make sure he has lots of toys and maybe even a place where he can dig. Having a companion animal also helps.

Fence too Small

Many runaway pets get out for the simple fact that their fencing was not big enough to contain them. Size does not always matter, as some dogs are great at climbing fences and escaping. If this is happening with your pup, adjustments in fence height will have to be made until it is tall enough and fortified enough to keep him in your yard.


Other Animals

The temptation to play with or chase a fellow animal is just too strong in some dogs to ignore. Maybe the neighbor’s cat is out in the yard next door, or a squirrel just ran up a tree and over into the front yard. Other dogs may wander by and bark into your dog’s fence. Whatever the reason, your dog needs to be trained to not let these other critters get the best of him.

dog climbing fence
Insufficient Exercise

Another factor that might cause your dog to escape from her yard is lack of exercise. Many people don’t realize how much exercise a canine needs every day to burn off excess energy. If your yard is very small then there will not be much room to run. As a result, your dog will want to get out to where there’s more room for her to stretch her legs. If your yard isn’t very big make sure you take your dog out on long walks every morning and evening. This is a great way to burn up that excess energy and wear her out a bit so she won’t be motivated to escape from her yard. Strolling around the neighborhood on a leash is good. Also, go to the local dog park once in a while so she can run and play with other dogs.


Your dog may be suffering from separation anxiety and wants to leave his yard because he’s lonely and misses you. Dogs are social creatures and don’t do well when isolated. One way to battle this problem is to get another pet to keep him company. Another option is to put him in doggie day care where he can play with other dogs all day while being under the supervision of trusted adults. You can also arrange for a pet sitter to come and visit or walk your dog while you’re away.

Looking for Love

Unfixed dogs are much more likely run off in search of a mate. To curtail this urge, have your pet spayed or neutered. Not only will this settle down their wanderlust, it also helps control the pet population.

No one wants to lose a pet, or have their best friend get hurt or worse. By understanding and addressing the factors that can cause a dog to want to jump or climb the fence and run off you will be able to minimize the chances of this happening.

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