Siberian Husky Puppy Crying

This is when we were potty training him. How funny, He ate that Pet gate like a week later. See the “Siberian Husky Puppy Gets Head Stuck Under pet gate” To see the new one we bought for him.

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    25 Responses to “Siberian Husky Puppy Crying”

    1. ka3ax2010 says:

      poor husky ,..

    2. brittanynelson02 says:

      @MrRedemption65 Its for potty training. And he’s in the Bathroom. Most people put their dogs in a tiny crate.

      Dont judge something your not educated about.

    3. MrRedemption65 says:

      thats torture you keep it in such a small room. and its crying to get out

    4. 88976hi says:

      sigh a crying puppy. such a annoying sound coming from a really cute critter! ^ ^

    5. guzotak says:

      My husky puppy does that too! After I play with it for a few hours, when I must go and I tie her outside and when she sees me walking away she is crying like hell and is trying to howl like a wolf 😀

    6. metaknight95 says:

      Guys calm the fuck down. He’s potty training it.

    7. kaitlin10ct says:

      he is soo cute

    8. tRyoneTUBE says:


    9. fanbul says:

      my favorite dog, so cute

    10. mellylissa85 says:

      real cute, a puppy being taunted.

    11. lance987654321 says:

      i didnt even have to potty train mine,
      their so smart!

    12. chaoman1201 says:

      well thats just cute, a puppy trying to get out and whining for help

    13. left4deadlegend says:

      cutest Siberian husky puppy ever sooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute

    14. shechshire says:

      @5timli leadership?… Psshh lmao! Dude chill out it’s just a dog. All animals do that, it’s how they communicate when they want something. And besides he knows when I take him out. That’s why he starts yelping at me because he knows thats the time when I take him out. And since he’s obviously trained not to pee inside he gets stressed out when i’m running late on his walk. no big deal, its common sense

    15. 5timli says:

      that’s a spoiled dog, teach it leadership tell your dog to wait for you when it needs a walk not bark

    16. shechshire says:

      my chihuahua barks at me when he wants me to take him for a walk.

    17. elitenoob1147 says:

      i mean commit suicide geez stupid asses i think u guys need to join PattyCizzakes 

    18. xToxiinzZ says:

      he means shut down

    19. ChapaV81 says:

      u mean shut “off”. right???

    20. JustinWebbMusic says:

      Oh shut up.

    21. mehasturtle says:


    22. SkyDrag0nZ says:

      ooooo so cuuuuuuute <3

    23. khaosman1234 says:

      when my sister got siberian husky we put in our garage it cryed so she slept with him when she woke up he left her 2 big suprises on her bed XD

    24. PattyCizzakes says:

      @elitenoob1147 why would you say something rude like that?

    25. kkoolcat77 says:

      AWW let it out!

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