How to Remove Graffiti from a Vinyl PVC Fence

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clean vinyl fenceWe have just installed a 6 foot vinyl privacy fence around our doggie daycare center.  Our building and property are located in an industrial part of town that gets a lot of vandalism.  Before we erected the new pvc fence we had a chain link fence, which allowed everyone to see into our yard and at night bums would hop the fence and leave trash behind.  It got really old, yelling at them to get off of our property.  So we decided to put up a pvc privacy fence to provide more privacy and security for our staff and clients.

Now that the plastic fence is much higher we haven’t had the problem of trespassers, however, they have started to paint graffiti on the outside of the white vinyl fencing.  What is the best way to remove the spray paint from the vinyl fence panels?

Normally I clean the pvc fencing with a hose and water, and sometimes a little dish washing soap, to get the mud and paw prints off from our dogs and playful puppies. Unfortunately, I’m not having as good of luck in getting the paint to come off.  Some of it will, but not all of it.  I’ve tried using a power washer, but that still didn’t get it all.  I’ve considered using paint thinner or steel wool, but I am worried this may ruin the finish on the vinyl fence post and gates.

I’ve looked around the fence and do not see the name of the pvc fence manufacturer so I’m not sure who to call.  I spoke to the fencing contractor who built our fence, and he just said to scrape it off with a putty knife.  I’m afraid I’ll gouge or scratch our new fence.  Also, is there a product we can apply to the pvc vinyl fence to prevent future spray paint attacks from sticking?

Everyday more and more homeowners, as well as business owners such as yourself, are making the switch from traditional fencing to vinyl and composite outdoor products.  They’re choosing them because they want that new fence look and feel – clean, crisp, and refined – without the upkeep.  Pvc vinyl fences, sometimes referred to as maintenance free fencing, are actually low maintenance.  Like anything else left outside and exposed to the elements, vinyl fences will get dirty, but in most cases you can wash off the dirt with a garden hose.  Since the pressure washer did not get off all of the graffiti I would try using paint thinner.  If that still doesn’t completely work use 400 grit sandpaper and lightly rub the stain.  With a little bit of patience and elbow grease you will get your plastic wood fence clean and be ready for the next time the vandals strike.

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  1. Fence Installer says:

    Go to your local hardware store and purchase some lacquer thinner and a paint brush. Using the brush, apply a coat of the lacquer thinner over the graffiti and wait for it to soften – about 10 to 15 minutes. Using a clean rag rub the spray-paint off, taking care not to smear it. Make sure to rub in one direction.

    After the paint is off spray the fence with dish-washing liquid (1/4 cup into a quart spray bottle, mixed with water.) Wipe with a sponge. Last, spray fence with hose to remove all residue.

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