Questions about exercise pen for my dog?


I’m thinking of getting my dog an exercise pen for when I’m at work. My dog is a 4 pound chihuahua so he needs to run around instead of being in a crate.

What size exercise pen should I get him?
What could I put on the bottom to prevent him from causing "accidents" on my floor?
Does anyone else do this?

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2 Responses to “Questions about exercise pen for my dog?”

  1. laurak72110 says:

    YES, ex pens are great for daytime play use instead of the crate! First of all, I assume he is neutered? An intact male will mark his territory! I recommend the 24" tall 8 panel pens like from They are easy for you to bend over and clean and feed and water instead of the tall ones that you must open or go thru a gate or door. I recommend a puppy pad holder and pads for him to use during the day and provide a bed, toys, food and i prefer to use a rabbit water bottle to attach to side with a bungee cord instead of a water bowl, which most pups would turn over. Use a washable beach towel or blanket on the floor area so that he will go to the pad area instead of the floor or bedding to potty. This works very well for training and provides more exercise than a crate. You can also buy two of them for an extra large area. They are approx $40 plus shipping. good luck!

  2. Gene says:

    This is a very common misconception that dog owners have about their dogs. Dogs are exactly the opposite of people in this regard, where for humans more freedom and more space is relaxing, it actually will create more stress for the dog. The dog will actually be safer, and more relaxed in a crate that’s just big enough for him to stand up and turn around to lay down again. On their own dogs are absolutely content to stay in small dens for 12 – 16 hours at a time. Yes he needs exercise, but you can walk him before you leave and when you come back. Most behavioral issues arise from dogs having too much room for long periods of time. The crate, if it’s the right size will also eliminate the occurrence of "accidents" as well.

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