Questions about electric dog fence!!!?


I want to get another dog but my parents wanted to make a large pen for it to live in, but field fence is so hard to put up! We have 3 acres and were thinking about fencing about an acre. But what happens when you want to take the dog out of the pen? Wont it get zapped??? And does electric fence really work? We had a lab that walked right over without ANY sign of irritation!!!

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2 Responses to “Questions about electric dog fence!!!?”

  1. EatACarrotNotACow says:

    I wouldn’t get one. We think it caused seizures in my dog, who then had to be put down. Either get a real fence or don’t get a dog.

  2. moonplanter says:

    We fenced three acres with electric.One strand is only 6" off the ground and
    one is 24".It keeps our big and small dogs in.Flag it bright orange so they know
    where it is.They’ve all been in it once but then they stay away.It’s not mean.You
    can set the power low.Better that than being hit by a car.

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