Question about what type of fence to put up?


We are going to put up a fence to keep out dogs in but we have no idea what kind to put up. We have 3 dogs: toy poodle, half chihuahua half mini pincer, and a part rot part don’t know what (big dog). The little dogs love to dig and the big dog can jump very high. The area we live in gets up to about 110 in the summer and we get snow in the winter, so we want something that will work well with the climate.
Any suggestions?

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    2 Responses to “Question about what type of fence to put up?”

    1. chrissy says:

      Probably chain link. At least 6 feet high and you might have to put a cement footing at the bottom to deter the digging. You can always plants shrubs along the perimeter to soften the chain link metal. But if this doesn’t suit you, you might want to consider a wood fence, or one of those new composite white vinyl fences. Check out your local hardware store!!

    2. D. Bronco says:

      Your fence should be ascetically correct to the house and you should be more assertive with your animals about acceptable behavior in the yard. Digging is destructive and that’s where you should concentrate your efforts…good luck

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