Puppy's First Day home?


I’m going to be getting a pup soon. I’ve been researching about the right breed and the setup I should have at home. I will be using a crate inside an exercise pen/gated space. I was wondering if on the first day I should close the crate door for the full night with pup inside, or leave the door open. I’m concerned that the pup needs to feel comfortable inside the crate, however, if it is nervous how does one get it to stay in the crate for a full night.

Do I leave the crate door for a small amount of time, and leave it open the rest of the night and throughout the week gradually train the pup to enjoy the crate. What have you done with your pup on the first day home?

I look forward to advise, thanks.
The puppy will probably be about 2 to 4 months old. And of course, I will be scheduling potty breaks based on the pup’s age. If two months, every two hours.

The point is I don’t understand if on the first day that the pup comes, I ccan use treats to lure it into the crate to familiarize with it. However, at night, do I already keep the door locked for it to attempt to sleep closed or should one gradually close for shorter periods of time during that week, until the pup can sleep calmly in a closed crate.

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6 Responses to “Puppy's First Day home?”

  1. Chad says:

    Bringing home a new puppy can be very exciting and I think it’s great that you are looking to set yourself up for success. My name is Chad Culp and I’m a certified dog trainer and owner of Thriving Canine.

    Your crate questions are great! In my opinion, there is a difference between crating and crate training. I wrote an article titled "To Crate or Not To Crate" that should give you some things to consider with your puppy!


  2. Kona says:

    I guess that would depend on the breed and personality of you new puppy. Our golden retriever puppy was placed in her kennel at night to avoid accidents on the new rugs, but she would pee and poop in the kennel when we left her in there overnight. We realized over time that she was very…. social and spiteful… If left in the kennel it was a sure thing that she would trash it in fecal mater (I guess to show us that she didn’t like being left in there) However if she slept in our bed she would be very behaved…. Anywho yeah just try to see what the puppy’s personality is like, then work from there eg. If the puppy has a shy/nervous personality then try to ease her/him into the crate with soothing encouragement, place treats inside the crate that it may like, try climbing into the crate with the puppy to show that it is ok and safe (all three I have done with my dog, and they all work ^_~) Hope that helped you! AND I hope you enjoy your new puppy =D

  3. thebeatles4ever says:

    I got a new dog about a year ago and we used a old crate that my dad had. We left Olive in the crate for the night. your pup will whine a lot, so be prepared to be woken up a bit throughout the night. Start to call the crate "the house", we did that with Olive and about two weeks after she would go in after we told her to get in her house.Put a old blanket that you don’t care about because the pup will chew it up, or use a old sleeping bag to make the space more comfortable. Good Luck!

  4. Kaylee says:

    Congrats on your new pup! Depending on how young or old your pup is, will depend on how you should let it roam. A younger pup should either be inside the crate, with a ticking clock, and lots of warm and cuddly blankets, or with you in your lap, snuggling. If you are getting an older pup, I would suggest letting it wander around the the pen during the day, and letting it sleep in the crate during the night. Your pup will probably be scared the first couple of nights, and you will just need to go and sit with the pup until it calms down, and then leave it until it starts to get nervous again. This will be a very good bonding experience for you and your pup, but it will also teach the pup to be alone in it’s crate. I hope this helped! Good luck with your new puppy.


  5. ladystang says:

    crate is for when you can’t supervise
    depends on age but most pups will need to be taken out in middle of night to potty

  6. moonbeamsreverie says:

    Close the door at night… make sure not to baby talk to it while in the crate this will worsen any whining or anxiety. Depending on the age you will pr’bly need to take it out once or twice at night for a while until it’s bladder is fully developed & acustomed to being crated. Some people have good luck with the crate in their bedroom & some people have luck whe the crate is in a spare room. Be prepared for the whining & barking in the crate make sure to NOT talk to it for the same reasons alrerady stated.

    And, kudos for wanting to crate train & getting pup! Good luck!

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