Puppy with hookworms, can I hold it?


I just got a Boxer puppy and found out today it has hook worms (my dad got one from the same litter and had it checked). It has an appointment on Tuesday for a wormer. I know these worms can burrow into your skin so I am really worried about holding it. Also, if it gets them on its feet from walking on its poop can it spread them to our carpet and then to my kids’ feet? Right now I am keeping it in a exercise type pen in my kitchen so that I can clean up after it and such and they don’t get into my soil (I have other dogs). But I feels sorry for it. I want to hold it and let it out so bad but I am afraid of my children and I getting hookworms from it.
Oh and for those who don’t know, hook worms don’t have to be ingested and you don’t have to have an open sore. They burrow into the skin. I’ve heard humans can get them just by walking on soil that is infected with them. That is why I am worried about holding this pup or letting it walk on my carpet.

2 Responses to “Puppy with hookworms, can I hold it?”

  1. patsy m says:

    I would only hold it next to enclosure. maybe wrapped up in small cover that can be immmediatly washed or thrown out. Keep area wiped down with floor cleaner. couple times a day,. Its sad but Im glad you have appointment soon. Whatever you take in and out of pen needs checked cleaned and / or thrown out. If these were pure breed or bought at pet shop you should be reibursed the costs. OR at least complain a lot.

  2. Zachariah T says:

    I currently work as a vet tech in a veterinary hospital. Yes, you can hold your puppy. The hookworms will be released from you puppy via fecal matter (poop). So be sure to keep any areas he has messed on clean. Other than that give him lots of love until you can get him dewormed, which I suggest you do ASAP!

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