Hello – I have a female 3/4 German Shepard & 1/4 Husky puppy. She is now 5 months old. She is generally a well behaved dog EXCEPT when I take her for a walk. I have a nylon choke collar for her and a regular collar and have tried both to walk her with (mostly the regular nylon one).

Her problem is that when we walk she will try to go in front on me and jump me and try to bite me. I hate it and I have tried several things to make her stop. Please tell me your thoughts on what I am trying to do and if you think it is good or bad and PLEASE HELP ME find some way to make her stop this because we are usually 2 km from home and walking home 2km having her do this to me and tearing my jacket (which she does) is not fun.

What I have tried when she is jumping me (please give input)….

– Kicking her off of me gently
– Pushing her off of me
– Pinning her down to the ground and holding her there
– When she is biting me I have tried to hold her mouth apart and squeeze her jaw (she cries and I don’t think this helps sometimes she growls).
– Yelling "NO!"
– Turning my back to her
– Tying her with the leash to a fence post and walking away (like a time out)
– Yanking the choke collar

None of these seem to get her under control and she is still jumping me from the front and sometimes with her mouth open. PLEASE HELP ME!!
– I also have tried when she bites me inside the house to put her cheek in her mouth and let her bite her cheek but that does not work for her.

– I also do not want to use a squirt water bottle because I don’t want her to become afraid of water and I want to take her to the lakes in the summer and I want her to like water.

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10 Responses to “PUPPY PROBLEM – HELP!!!?”

  1. dk10vkf says:

    Here is another method to solve jumping problem (by jumping problem I am assuming that your dog is jumping on you):
    First, deliberately encourage your dog to jump on you. When your dog does jump, hold onto your dog’s paws firmly until your dog begins to struggle. Repeat this a few times. When you encourage your dog to jump and your dog doesn’t jump, praise him for not jumping. Plus, I don’t think it’s a good idea to use a choke collar for walking.

  2. sirhC says:

    My son had the same problem.I had him swat Phoebe on the nose with a rolled up magazine and shout NO when she would jump and bite his shirt. He had to carry around the magazine for a few hours but after that she got the message.

  3. Reece Braveheart Aussies says:

    Change over to a halti easy control collar or gentle leader headcollars, you control the dogs head and it much harder for it to do the things it’s doing to you.Look at http://www.petedge.com they carry them. Time outs don’t work 🙁 As for the biting you can take her lip and pinch it against her teeth and tell her no bite, that will be similar to another dog biting her back. Good luck, A obedience class isn’t a bad idea 🙂

  4. Launi (Love my Pit!) says:

    She thinks ‘walking’ is play time. That is why she is jumping around and ‘biting’ at you. You should start with some simple obedience training with treat rewards. Teaching the sit, down and stay will give you more control during the ‘walk’. She is young and full of energy so you need to walk her but she needs to know the walk is not play time.

    You can try several things. First, a different collar. Buy a Halti collar or a Gentle Leader. Both of these collars fit around the muzzle to give you optimum control. Make sure you keep her head up and don’t let her try and get it off. She is going to give you some grief for the first few blocks, but just stay with it.

    I suggested obedience training because you need her to be in a sit/stay while you get her ready to walk. You always go out the door first and she follows. Be calm. Calm. Assertive but calm. Your anxiety and frustration is a dead give away for her. She can feel it,therefore she reacts to that. I know it’s easy to say but you need to take deep breathes and calm yourself and stay that way all through the walk.

    I know the Halti works because I have a 6 month old Pit and have tried every collar out there. The Halti works wonders. No pulling!!!

    Also, you may want to consider a dog back pack. She is not to young to have one on and a little bit of weight in it. This puts them into a ‘working’ mode. You have a mix of working breeds in your dog.

    Another thing you can do is to wear her down before you walk her. Run her around in the back yard. Does she like to fetch? Anything to get some energy out of her.

    You may also want to consider shorter walks several times a day and pick up the pace. You can’t walk her fast now because she is running in front of you. The collar I suggested will help that.

    Stay calm. Assertive. Obedience lessons.

  5. Malcolm Equis says:

    You probably need to kick her off a little harder. Obviously not to hurt her, but my guess would be you are doing it too gently and she thinks you’re playing with her. So she is playing back.

    Stare her directly in the eyes when you do it. That is a direct challenge to her, and she will then know that you are the dominant one. Don’t look away until after she looks away from you. She should then realize that you are her superior, and that she needs to back down before you "show your dominance in a more aggressive manner."

    At least in her eyes. I know you wouldn’t hurt her, but she is expecting a dominance showing if she does not back down; so she should back down at that point.

  6. Dev says:

    If I were a dog, and you put one of those choke collars on me, I’d probably bite you too! So that’s your first problem. Those collars are cruel and should not be used under any circumstances. You need to take your dog to obedience training because you obviously don’t have the capacity to train or control your dog on your own. Kicking, yelling and other aggressive behaviors on your part directed at your dog is NOT going to help the situation one bit. If anything it’s going to make it worse.

  7. brendlwong says:

    hmm. to help the biting problem… get a muzzle and put it on her so she cant really bite u. have u tried hitting her on her butt when she is acting innapropriate?

    oh yea watch Dog Whisper on Discovery channel

    or try a shocker collar.

  8. Katie-Lynn says:

    I know this sounds bad but it helps.. Get her a shock collar. I use one. My dogs use to do the same thing as your until we gave up and tried the collar. It helps tons and you ONLY use it when necessary.

  9. Patrice says:

    Watch the Dog Whisperer–he deals with that problem all the time

  10. Iscrya says:

    Sounds like shes fighting for dominance. Hmmm, could go to a obediance class, they will help with that, shes proberably at teething age too.
    2 more methods you could try

    Making a loud yelping sound then ignoring her [litter mates yelp when bitten too hard]


    When she bites use a sports water bottle to squirt some water on her face to interupt the bad behaviour, when you do it say " down" or "no" which ever command you have.

    Good luck

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