puppy climbing over fence!


this is my 5 month old puppy “lassie” escaping her pen. bad puppy!!!

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5 Responses to “puppy climbing over fence!”

  1. LuneteFly says:

    @edm618 Thanks! Their coat looks sooo amazing! 🙂

  2. edm618 says:

    @LuneteFly she is just an alaskan huskey mother and the father is a menkenzie huskey, she is now a sled dog too

  3. LuneteFly says:

    What breed is that dog, they look really cute and smart! We have a German Shepherd here and we really want another dog with us in two or three years or so when we have a bigger house, but we are sort of twisting around the fact whether it will be a Siberian Husky or any different breeds. This one seems like a really fun and curious breed!

  4. Kristinational says:

    Haha… they’re all beautiful! I guess you know who’s gonna be the biggest troublemaker now!! 😀

  5. siamiam says:

    shes an escape artist 🙂

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