P&S- Are you for or against electric fence collars for dogs..?


Bq- Why?

Bq2- Favorite name for a dog?

10 Responses to “P&S- Are you for or against electric fence collars for dogs..?”

  1. Scott. says:

    For. Not because I like dogs getting hurt, but because it’s already real and there’s no reason that we should make a big deal out of it. It doesn’t hurt the dogs, it shocks them. It scares the dogs, it doesn’t punish them horribly. And sure you wouldn’t put an electric collar on a human, but that’s because they could take it off. That’s why people spank their kids, or wash their mouth out with soap. It’s not devastating pain, it’s just undesirable.

    Best name: PeeWee’s dog from PeeWee’s Big Adventure. "Speck"

  2. Towel Rack says:

    Dog as in an animal or a guy who wonders?

    I’ll assume dog. My neighbor uses one that emits a beep when the dog gets close to the fence. He has a 6 foot fence and his dog and leap right over it. So he didn’t have a choice.

    You can set the charge level on those collars. Put it on low, wrap it on your arm and cross the line to get an idea of how much of a shock your dog is getting. Keep in mind a dogs neck is about as muscular and strong (sometimes stronger) than a human arm so it’s the best comparison.

    Better your dog get shocked by the fence than hit by a car.

  3. d in ny says:

    they are OK but I have seen them save dogs from being hit on busy roads
    Shep like in the old western
    as in "get em shep!!"

  4. Social Science Lady says:

    I am against any form of cruelty whatsoever. If you had ever had an electric shock you would not need to ask such a question.

  5. Delilah says:

    Against, dogs can be trained without resorting to that kind of cruelty, it’s right up there with de-clawing cats.

    My favourite name for a dog would be Colin 🙂

  6. Privateer's Pearl says:

    aaaarrrrrr! not necessary!! it’s animal abuse and i be sendin’ the abusers to the depths of davy jones locker!! 🙁
    "Mickey" is a sweet name for a male,, "Sunny Delight" a sweet name for a female. yo ho ho! 😀

  7. disneyloveeex3 says:

    Against. Why would you ever want to hurt your dog? If you don’t want it to get out just build a regular fence. If you don’t want a fence then maybe a dog isn’t the best idea…

    Favorite name? Depends on the dog I guess… I like people names lol.

  8. Psycho Sh*t RELOADED says:

    It’s f*cked up, you wouldn’t do that to a human being who was disobedient so why to an innocent animal?

  9. Yami says:

    for it trains them

  10. Actual Size says:


    My dogs don’t need ’em. They’ll run the block then come home after an hour of fun.

    Sport or Harley

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