i have 3 dogs that are outside on the invisable fence for dogs. they seem to enjoy it then they come in the house to eat at noon and stay in til about 1 or two depending on how hot/cold it is. they have a full water jug out there all day and bones and balls to play with they come in at 6 to eat more food and then are roaming around the house until around 9-10ish then they go to the basement where there crates are. they seem to be happy and healthy and i was just wondering what you though of this life for a dog. i want them to be as happy as possible. i go for a walk with them atleast twice a week but its getting harder with 2 3 year olds and im almost 4 months pregnat. my husband is at work all day so he cant take them but i still want them to get a walk in everyonce in a while any advice?
i love the dogs its just the house is small and if they are in there for to long they seem to get anxious[sp] and hyper and knocking things/children over. we go out play with them so its not like i dont give them attention!
we have a pretty big yard with a pond and a pool they could even swim in if they wanted. its just we have a 3 bedroom hosue with 2 3 year olds and Tons Of Toys!! if ya know what i mean!! LOL and we do play with them for about a half an hour outside or whenever the girls wanna go out
Im not getting rid of the just do more extra special stuff with take them swimming in the lake and for a hike aorund the lake i know theyll like that!!

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    10 Responses to “PLEASE ANSWER MY QUESTION!!! (dogs)?”

    1. Sandra says:

      It does sound as though you love your dogs and want them to be happy. It is important though to walk them every single day. They need that exercise and socialization. Otherwise it’s going to show up in bad behavior. It’s great that they have freedom to run around in the yard, but that’s not proper exercise on a daily basis. They can get bored really quickly without more stimulation . My husband works all day too, but one of us always takes the time to walk our dog. He’s a priority.

    2. Mary J says:

      Dogs need to be walked daily not a few times a week. They need to be with the family and they are getting hyper because you have not trained them. You need to get rid of the dogs if you cannot treat them properly.

    3. says:

      Sounds like an OK life for dogs! Life for many people gets busy & there is more going on then just playing all day with your dog.
      You are there if they are in distress and they are eating & interacting with each other so they
      can’t be bored or lonely. Your invisible fence allows them freedom
      most dogs would love to have. So what else can you give them but love & I think they have that too.

    4. Sarah says:

      I think you can usually tell when a dog is happy or not, it’s not like they are hiding your emotions to make you feel better :)… Just make sure you put some time aside to walk them every now and then, and put aside a little big of time every day to play with them and their toys.. And belly rubs are always appreciated!!! I wouldn’t suggest getting any more dogs than these three though, then you really won’t have time to love on them.

    5. クリスティーナ says:

      spend even more time with them like walks and stuff

    6. Sully says:

      if you have a small yard, it would be hard for a dog to have a fulfilling life. but if u have a desent sized yard and can continue doing what your doing, i think they will be just fine. 🙂

    7. Jasmine says:

      i think your not being with your dog’s enough i play with my dog every day!

    8. Aduial says:

      That doesn’t sound like a very fulfilling life for a dog. They need more socialization and attention from you. If you don’t want a dog to be a part of your family why do you have them?

    9. Kelle says:

      You are giving them good care.

    10. Dee says:

      WHEW! You seem to have your hands full! Well, there are several things to take into consideration here. 1st, IMO, dogs are part of the family just like anyone else. They are pack animals, & their "humans" are their pack. When you separate them from you, it causes them emotional stress. You don’t mention what breeds/mixes you have, & that can play a huge part in how to handle this. Their ages are a factor as well. That being said, seems like a bit of basic obedience would go a long way. You don’t have to spend hours a day at it, just a few minutes/day per dog. Maybe while your little ones are napping…or you could get them to help you- that’d be great for both dogs & kids! Sounds like teaching "leave it!" would be a good one to start with! LOL! I live in a house that’s about 1200 sq. ft. We have 14 dogs, ranging in size from Great Danes (3 pure & 3 mixes) & a Mastiff to a JRT & a Shi-tzu. They’re all inside dogs, but they know the rules (i.e. basic obedience) & it goes a LONG way, believe me!
      As for the invisible fence, again, IMO, I’d start saving for a physical fence. I’ve known SOOO many people w/them who’s dogs have run through them, even after several years w/no problems. Also, they don’t keep other animals/people out. The batteries can short out in the collars causing your dogs considerable stress as well (1 friend of mine had that problem). Another thing…your pond & pool. They can become death traps in winter. I’ve had friends whos dogs have drowned in ponds, having walked out on the ice & broken through in winter. Same can happen in pools w/no barrier around them. Doesn’t take long for a dog to drown in icey water. Just trying to help…dogs are like having perpetual 3 yr. olds around….you wouldn’t leave a 3 yr. old unattended, would you? They get tired of the same toys/bones all the time, just like kids do. I dunno where you live, but it’d be great if you could take them out for a walk once a day, esp. in nice weather. I’m sure your little ones would like to get out of the house as well. If you did 1 dog at a time, taking the kids along, they’d likely be ready for a nap by the time you got back from the 3rd walk!

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