Picket Fence Kennels Japanese Chin


The Japanese Chin have low exercise requirements and they make great condo or apartment pets.

2 Responses to “Picket Fence Kennels Japanese Chin”

  1. SanDhampir says:

    we ended up getting a Japanese Chin instead of a shih tzu, which it what we orginally were trying to get. and it was probably the best breed of dos we could’ve asked for. but when he died, we wanted another Japanese Chin, this time a female. Today, i love her a whole lot, and wouldn’t have asked God himself for another dog in this entire world.
    one question: do Japanese Chins howl?

  2. AllaBest says:

    This is a wonderful breed! I have a mix and he is FANTASTIC! You’re description perfectly describes my Hari! I love that you mention the Chin’ yodeling!

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