petsafe in ground radio fence?


i just got a petsafe fence and need some help. my dogs keep running over it and it dont do anything. i walk them to it then let them go and they run over it. what do i need to do to keep them in it. it said it takes 30 days but it dont do anything to my dogs.

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3 Responses to “petsafe in ground radio fence?”

  1. klt says:

    Did you put the flags up so that they see the boundary? Check to make sure the collar is working by holding it loosely in your hand while walking toward the boundary. It should start to beep then give a mild shock if you continue. It is not ment to knock them down, just reinforce your training.

  2. caninekiss says:

    well now that they know they can get through it ur going to have a hard time u r supose to walk them too it on leash and then let it beep and then let them get shock then pull them back and do it over and over again showing them that stepping back is the only way to stop the shock

  3. ? says:

    There are some dogs that will ‘take the hit’ Make sure you are doing the training correctly. don’t just expect the fence to work without training the dogs!!! If the dogs are aware of the fence, and are ‘taking the hit’ you need to up the current on the collar. if that doesnt work, you need to put up a real fence!

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