PetSafe In-Ground Radio Fence Troubleshooting

. Electronic Pet Fence systems utilize underground or above ground boundary wires and collars to safely contain pets. Your pet responds to the stimulation through 2 contact points on the Receiver Collar that touch your pet’s neck. When your dog or other pet approaches the boundary, the collar warns him or her with a beeping alert. If the warning is ignored, a mild stimulus follows the warning. Electronic Pet Fence systems are a safe, effective and hidden way to contain your pet within his or her boundary so your pet can be contained to your property without having to pay the expensive cost of a traditional fence which can be unsightly. Also a dog may be able to just climb over, dig under or chew through a traditional fence. PetSafe is the #1 Pet Fence System in the World! Our Electronic Pet Fence systems outsell all the other brands combined! In fact, 8 out of 10 people buy a PetSafe brand pet fence over any other. Your pet wants to be free. You want him/her to be safe. Now you can both be happy. With a PetSafe Electronic Pet Fence system, your pet can roam — and you can relax, knowing he’s as safe as he is happy. More than just a barrier, PetSafe Electronic Pet Fence systems actually help train your pet. Using a magnetic field and safe, mild static corrections combined with a warning beep, our pet containment systems help your pet learn which areas are for playing and which are off limits. PetSafe pet containment systems are NOT solid barriers. The systems

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