Pet red fox Ron pouncing playfully


Greetings from Eric and from Ron the pet red fox! Foxes love to pounce; it’s one way they hunt. In this case, the prey is a small orange tennis type ball!! Ron used to run around inside the house, but after he proved too destructive for the indoors, I built a large outdoor pen, larger than my entire house actually, and also a caged spot in the living room he can come into from outdoors through a pet door!

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25 Responses to “Pet red fox Ron pouncing playfully”

  1. fatboyzoid says:

    Fox’s are cat dogs in disguise!

  2. foxalbiazul says:

    check out the info and the links on my profile for that kind of research…

    they are an advanced level pet, that is not good for children, but are easy to care for once you build/remodel to house them properly.

  3. foxalbiazul says:

    the current laws in Texas do NOT allow you to get a new pet fox in Texas…

  4. TheBakuganmaster1512 says:

    oh he is so cute i wana olso 1. foxes are my favorit animals

  5. LEiLANi1773 says:

    aww, soo cute!!! how do you keep a fox as a pet? how do you train it? how do you feed it?

  6. FaintyMcGee says:

    😮 he is beautiful!

  7. lizzi4561 says:

    thumps upp for the reflection of the dude recording..

  8. foxalbiazul says:

    somewhat, but also very independent and they usually don’t put up with holding or cuddling. They’d rather be stroked or petted.

  9. foxalbiazul says:

    when indoors as pets, they will always pee somewhere, even when using a litter box most of the time… it’s something to be aware of before getting a fox… it’s best to have an outdoor pen anyways, even if you have a part of the house that is ok for the fox to roam.

  10. melifyable says:

    nice…you’ve probably been asked but are they trainable when it comes to marking territory?

  11. dyffykins says:

    How is their temperment? Are they more doglike in their behavior?

  12. bemmy69 says:

    @Warriorcats66 if you arnt smart you better not own one,
    they live outside in holes so you can get one from there

  13. legalconspiricies says:

    1:46 shows that everyone and everything likes jumping on a bed ^.^

  14. GEOCA123 says:

    can you have a fox as a pet in texas?

  15. 1512crazygirl says:

    That is sooooo cute!

  16. InariTheFoxLover says:

    i can see u in that screen *__*

  17. paunocu says:

    soooooooooo sweet!!

  18. nimtits99889 says:

    this makes me want a fox now: :((( how did you get it?

  19. ChaosKarloo says:

    LMFAO @ 1:42 <3
    Soooo cute!

  20. foxalbiazul says:

    they are advanced pets, but a person ready for such a responsibility, can purchase one from special pet breeder, see my profile…

  21. Warriorcats66 says:

    How do you get a fox as a pet? Like i mean where would you buy one?

  22. Nanchee76 says:


  23. ihascupcakes says:

    What a cutie. A skunk is as exotic as I’ll ever go =/

  24. OfficialCrystalBand says:

    Where did you get this fox pet?

  25. KawaiiKawaiiKitsune says:

    i wanna fox!!!!! dere so darn cute!!!!

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