Pet containment pen for seven puppies?!?


I am fostering a momma dog and her seven puppies from our local animal shelter, but I don’t have a fenced in yard. The puppies are only 2 weeks old right now, but I know when they are old enough to go outside it will be pretty hard to control them all. I do have a yard, it’s just not fenced in. So does anyone know what size of a pen I would need to keep them in when I take them out to use the bathroom? Don’t worry people, I am not leaving them outside in the pen! I only need something to have them in when I take them out to potty. So since they won’t be in it a lot, i figured it wouldn’t have to be too big. I was looking at the collapsible ones at petsmart, and they are about bucks, but I don’t know if they are big enough. I really would like it to be under 0 if possible. Any suuggestions? Oh and I will only have the puppies until they are 9 weeks old so they will not be huge and won’t take up too much room. Thanks!
…and I’m not gowing into this blind or anything. I’ve done this before with five puppies, but they never tried to run off or anything. It was hard with five so that’s why I’m worried about seven…

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  1. lindsay says:

    The play pens at PetSmart are actually pretty decently sized. Depending on the size of pups you could get one (or two for larger pups and connect them) for unsupervised play possibly on ebay, or Craigslist.. When you can supervise them though you can let them loose, young pups wont stray away from you.

  2. R says:

    One of the collapsible ones would be fine. But you are going to have big issues with 7 nine week old puppies and a bitch. They’ll need heaps of room to run around and play, you’ll have to toilet train seven puppies that i can guarantee will all want to wee at the same time in different rooms of your house. I would suggest you hire temporary fencing for your yard. This is a huge task unless you have 7 people to look after one puppy at a time. Trust me I know from experience. Two puppies inside at the same time can be a nightmare, can’t begin to imagine 7. 9 week old puppies need heaps of room.

  3. michele says:

    You could get two pens and connect them if one isn’t big enough. They puppies should have room to run around and stretch out, but I don’t know how big they will be at 9 weeks. It depends on the size of the pups, really. They should have enough room to run around a little bit. You can kind of eyeball it and determine if it’s too small. If you aren’t sure, set up the extra pen just in case, and ask someone else for a second opinion on the size.

  4. tarielle_au says:

    Play or puppy pens are awesome things and work really well. We use one whenever a new pup comes to our house (do puppy raising for Guide Dogs).

    The one we have is metal and it’s a hexagonal shape when you put it together. One panel has a door in it for easy access by you.

    I would get maybe 2 or even 3 of these because all the panels just link together with a long rod to keep them in place. Then you can have the pen as big as you want.

    I don’t think they are too expensive, you might even find some on ebay for a good price.

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