People with experience in getting dogs to stop barking, please help!?


I have three Golden Retrievers (one is female pup/spayed) and everything was going great until neighbors behind us added on to their dog family (now 5). Now, every time their dogs are in their backyard, they come to the fence (wooden dog-ear fence) and start digging under it, so my female mama dog (also spayed) barks non-stop until ALL the dogs are barking and it sounds like an awful dog fight. (I feel terrible for the other neighbors who don’t have dogs.) The dogs won’t stop until I go out and call them, but I’m at my wits end in trying to get the barking to stop.
When my neighbors walk by with a couple of their dogs, we can chat peacefully while my dogs watch through the gate, it’s when they’re on opposite sides of the fence that all hell breaks loose!
Please, if you have experience in dealing with this type of situation, help!

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6 Responses to “People with experience in getting dogs to stop barking, please help!?”

  1. barneymishka says:

    My dogs used to bark at the neighbour’s dog through the fence, but ever since one of the timber palings fell out, they stopped. I think being able to see through to the other dog stopped their barking.

  2. craigslistlvnv says:

    Try to introduce all of your dogs to their dogs.

    There is a device you can buy that makes a high-pitch noise every time a dog barks. Only dogs can hear it so it won’t bother your neighbors and they should stop barking almost immediately.

  3. Crop Dust says:

    I think in most cases it’s an alert bark. Noises scare dogs, especially when they can’t see the source. As for my dog, whenever she barks I try to comfort her and tell her, "It’s okay. It’s okay." She has become more comfortable with certain sounds, such as the mailman, and no longer barks at all.

  4. ill says:

    maybe introduce your dogs to the neighbor dog at a park? i really don’t know my puppy doesn’t really bark that much. sorry

  5. moondog says:

    Can you put up a fence a few feet inside the existing fence. That might solve the problem.

  6. Fields of Gold says:

    I have a similar problem so I know exactly how you feel. We moved into a remote farmhouse a year ago thinking it would be lovely and peaceful but didn’t realise that a nearby farmer owned a Collie, who incidentally is a really sweet dog, but every time she appears on the other side of the fence my dogs are manic, charging up and down barking their heads off. She runs up and down on her side of the fence and they run after her on our side. I reckon she thinks she is rounding up the sheep! It gives them plenty of exercise but the barking drives me to distraction. The noise is deafening when they all start.

    Because we are in the middle of the countryside no-one seems to mind about barking dogs (except me lol!) but I can imagine how you feel about your neighbours if you live in a built up area. Some people don’t take any notice but there are a lot of people who will and before you know it you have the Dog Warden beating on your door.

    I have tried Citronella bark collars on the two ringleaders but to no avail because all my other dogs set off their spray collars when they bark. These anit-bark collars are hopeless when you have a multi-dog household. I could never resort to a shock collar on my dogs!

    I am going to invest in an anti-bark device which you can attach to an outside wall of your home or a garden shed. This emits a sound which only the dogs can hear. I just hope it works because I, like you, am at the end of my tether with this continual barking. When they are all in full flight they completely ignore my commands because they are so excited. Normally they are all very biddable dogs but when this dog appears their characters change completely.

    The only way I can get them to stop is to shake their biscuit box and shout ‘biscuit’ but then they will only come to me if they are absolutely knackered with the chase.

    I think this is probably a territorial issue and my dogs are just protecting our property but I just wish they weren’t so noisy when they are doing it.

    Hope you can solve your problem. Good luck.

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