Papo The Blue Pitbull jumping a 6 foot fence


Papo got hop’s.

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    16 Responses to “Papo The Blue Pitbull jumping a 6 foot fence”

    1. eduardojauregi says:

      Dam that’s a bad ass pit
      Haha he does have hops

    2. TheMRamstaff says:

      these dogs are trully amazing , my 6 month old amstaff female did that to get a cat=)) then my 2 year old pit learnt it to and y cant let him of his leash cause he will actually chase after people he thinks are suspicious =))

    3. zarakitten99 says:

      good boy!!

    4. Nojoke88 says:

      @BullyBreedsAddict so true. an apbt is like a universal breed. can use them to do about ne thing u want. weight pull,police dogs, therapy dogs, hunting dogs, so on and so forth.

    5. marcos14ro says:

      check out my pit getting his rope

    6. TH3DUBBS says:

      Well border collies can’t do that,but they wont rip a little kid to part.

    7. bozzza69 says:

      lmao sick hope u got a bigger fence then that

    8. TeamMuseik says:

      All I said was “My border collie can do that too.” I wasn’t trying to say any breed was better than another.

    9. BullyBreedsAddict says:

      No, I’m not acting like you don’t like pitbulls. You just acted like border collies can do what pitbulls can do…which they can’t.

    10. TeamMuseik says:

      All I said is that one of my BCs could do that too. >_> God. You act like I’m aganist pits. I’m a huge fan of Wallace the Pitbull, an amazing disc dog.

    11. BullyBreedsAddict says:

      Yeah… but I want to see any border collie do all of the other things pitbulls can do. Pitbulls can do ‘border collie’ things like herding and jumping but they can also do things a border collie could not do like weightpull and springpole.

    12. pk656073 says:

      pitbulls are the only dogs i seen that can
      do amazing astronairy things i seen one
      pitbull one day jump 12 feet up a dame tree after a tennis ball that got stuck in the tree i’m getting a pitbull their amazing

    13. AnnysBesos says:

      Papo u r so missed!!

    14. redpit352 says:

      cool vid but wanted c if can get video link/rednose pit bull jumps 12 feet/ up tree wanted to try to get sum veiws but it not rising alot mayb yall can help me like promotion to it

    15. TeamMuseik says:

      lol yeah My border collie can do that too.

    16. Gvishion420 says:

      goood damn

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