Outdoor dog becoming an indoor dog?


I have a little dog who is primarily an outdoor dog because for some reason he "does his business" all over my house! Is it possible to potty-train him so he can be an indoor dog?
About a year ago he was an indoor dog and did well on the potty pads, but I moved to a place with a fenced backyard, thus he moved outside. I would like to have him in the house (especially since the weather in SoCal is cold at night).
I’ve tried the pads, which aren’t working. Any advise would be appreciated.

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7 Responses to “Outdoor dog becoming an indoor dog?”

  1. gia031582 says:

    Try crate training,most dogs will not poop/pee where they sleep.The crate should be large enough for him to stand up in and turn around and lay down comfortably,but not big enough for him to relieve himself in the cage and move to the other side to sleep.This is how I finally house trained my mastiff,and how i house trained a pitbull i got from some ppl,she was an outdoor dog for 2 years and she is now trained.IT’s pretty simple,feed him and then crate him for 20 minutes let him outside to relieve himself,since you have a fenced yard you can leave him out for a while,usually 10 minutes is enough,when he goes tell him how good he is,if he doesn’t go put him back into the crate and try again in a few minutes.If he has an accident tell him NO put him outside for 10 minutes then back to his crate.Only allow him play time and feeding time out of the crate,crate him over night,he shouldn’t pee/poop in his crate.It could take awhile but it usually works

  2. **SO*COOL** says:

    Well what I would do is first get advice from a dgo trainer or veternarian and see what they say. Maybe you can get a trainer to teach you how to train your dog or have a trainer teach your dog. Or you could always use those doggy litter boxes if you wanted. It sort of depends on the type of dog…

  3. phoenix says:

    Once a dog has gotten used to being outside all the time, trying to train him as an inside dog is almost impossible.

  4. Apple says:

    Well I am not really an expert on dogs but I used to have one. I think you should put newpaper outside and train him to go on the newspaper so when you move him inside and put a piece of new paper some were he might think he has to go on there.

    Or just take him outside once in a while and he could use it outside and then let him back in…

    I hope that kind of gave you an Idea and Good luck

  5. Amanda S says:

    Everytime he tries to go to the bathroom in the house, just yell at him and carry him outside. You just need to get it through his mind that it is bad to potty in the house.

  6. Pup says:

    My only advice would to talk to a dog trainer. There are also doggy litter boxes.

  7. walkinglady says:

    You can definitely house train this dog!! What you need to do while you’re re-training is keep him in the room you’re in so you can watch him. When he shows signs of having to go (head down, circling, restless), take him out. You need to go out with him, keep telling him "go pee", and the very second he does, give him lots and lots of praise then come right back in. This way he learns to differentiate between play time and potty time outside.
    You’re going to need to be very alert to his signals and also patient in the beginning until he begins to catch on.

    Dogs learn very well with positive reinforcement and by not giving him the opportunity to make a mistake, he will learn quickly. If he has an accident, quietly clean it up unless you catch him in the act, then tell him NO, take him out and praise if he finishes outside.

    While you’re re-training, you will have to keep him in a crate at night and when you’re not home. Before you start you also have to make sure you’ve done a thorough cleaning of any spots he’s gone in before so that HE can’t smell anything or you won’t be able to keep him from going back there. Good luck!

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