Our dog got out from under the fence… What are some steps we can take to find him?


He’s microchipped, but not wearing tags.
We’ve already called the vet and they said they will give out his information to other vet’s offices and some shelters. I walked around the neighborhood along our walk route, and he wasn’t there. I’m thinking someone picked him up and let him in, because he’s a small dog, and he really doesn’t venture very far from our house, even when I’m with him.
Any suggestions as to what we can do?

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9 Responses to “Our dog got out from under the fence… What are some steps we can take to find him?”

  1. devil11 says:

    call the microchips is the first steep the second put announces in post i have that problem 3 times and i just call or they call me when they find my dog in animal control the microchips work very good

  2. Colin says:

    along with the other suggestions, you could go round every door in neighbourhood, ask them and leave a piece of paper with your name and mobile number in case they find him after you ask.

    Someone could have found him , and some people do think about keeping the dog regardless of the fact someone is missing it(you get people asking here if they should just keep it), but if they see you looking for it and asking them to call you if they see it, they should realise that its not right to keep it and tell you.

    Good luck, hope u find him soon.

  3. Carla-Leigh says:

    Get some recent pictures of him and make a little poster with his picture your details and say that there is a reward, put some up on lapposts and in shops and hand some through peoples doors as if someone has took him in then its a higher chance of them coming forward 🙂
    Make sure someone is at home though because dogs tend to know how to get home and he may find his way 🙂 If you have not already done this then walk round again shouting his name!
    They key thing to do is make sure everyone in your village is aware you have lost your dog because dogs without collars or tags are normaly mistaken for being strays!

    Good Luck and i wish you all the best, i’m sure you’ll find him and stay strong xx

  4. Sydney [pRiNcEsS] says:

    My dog comes back after an hour or two from exploring.If he knows his routes okay, then give him acouple minutes. If he ran away a day or two ago, put up fliers and look for him.

  5. SG says:

    Call the police and see if someone found the dog and reported it found.

  6. Ravenhood says:

    put up flyers, call all of the local vets and shelters. keep trying our dog got away from someone that was watching him while we were away on vacation and was lost for about a week. we found him in a shelter about a week later.

  7. Marisela says:

    If you think someone might have picked him up then I think you should go knocking on doors in your neighborhood to see if anyone let him in. Or not drive around and call his name and see if he comes out.
    I hope you find him good luck 🙂

  8. Cricket says:

    put up flyers around your walking route, go door to door with a picture asking people if they have seen him, get a group of friends and search 3 to 4 blocks away from your home in each direction.
    Good luck

  9. BYB's have little caulk says:

    Call all your local shelters and rescue groups. You may need to file a lost dog report with Animal Control and your local shelter.

    If the dog is purebred or resembles one breed in particular, call or e-mail the local breed rescue group for that breed and ask them to notify their folks of the dog. http://www.akc.org/breeds/rescue.cfm

    Tell your UPS driver, Mail Carrier, and any other regular folks in the neighborhood. Gardeners, joggers/walkers, anyone doing construction/painting.

    Post on Craigslist, in your local paper, and make notices. Leave notices in the vet’s office, at ALL neighbors, on telephone poles (as permitted by your city), and anywhere else you think might help.

    Call the microchip company and let them know the dog is missing.


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