One of my dogs keeps attacking another one of my dogs… WHAT DO I DO?

i have a problem… dog lovers.. can you help me?
we’ve got scooby, who is believed to be boxer, german sheppard, mutt… and we have talon who is siberian husky.
scooby is fixed, talon is not.
they were both born december 07. We have had scooby since he was about 3 months old, and adopted talon in february 09.
we bought one of those underground radio fences so we can get the dogs off thier tie outs. we’ve been working with them and training them so we can let them run free in the yard. for some reason, scooby keeps attacking talon.

the first time, i can understand… talon was snifing around scoobys house, and scooby didnt like that…
the second time my dh was playing fetch with scooby and he was running back with the toy when all of the sudden he dropped it and ran straight to talon who was in his own area, and wasnt provoking scooby at all.
the third time i wasnt outside, dh was, but he told me that scooby basically attacked talons boy parts, again for seemingly no reason…

now, between the 2nd and 3rd times they did GREAT together… we walked them on the leashes together for a while and let them sniff at eachother while me and dh were still in control. i had to pull scooby back a few times, but that was it. we let them go and scooby was all up in talons house just playing and then they started running and playing together…

what should we do? i dont want to get rid of either dog, and i dont want them tied up anymore… but i dont want one of them to kill the other one either.. ya know???

any advice???

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One Response to “One of my dogs keeps attacking another one of my dogs… WHAT DO I DO?”

  1. Dylan L says:

    fix talon

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