Nosy neighbor peeks through our fence and also put nails through it bc of our dogs…?


My family moved not too long ago into our city home. The neighbors already know us and the family. the wife is cooperative and friendly with us but the husband is a pain in the ass.

Firstly our fence is put two feet away from our property line. We have two dogs we only let out occasionally bc he lets his dogs out quite often especially when he hears us outside, he lets them out immedietly. His 3 little dogs run along the fence doing the same thing my two larger dogs do, bark and bite at the fence. All the while watching our every move. i think he lets them out as an excuse to casually watch us from his back porch where he conviently has his chair aimed towards our yard.
He calls our dogs "vicious’ and he curses and complains loudly all the time. He put NAILS INTO OUR FENCE. We didn’t know until his wife told us we needed to nail the down so the dogs wouldnt get hurt, yet stated he didnt do it to hurt the dogs if that were the case then she wouldnt need to even mention that.his dogs are out practically all day and they bark nonstop i find it unfair to rarely let ours out because his are constanly out.

He also looks through our fence and stares at us or stands and looks over it while were doing yard work and did this to the previous neighbors. The wife tells us they can see every thing we do in the yard through the kitchen’s back door, which they always leave open.
Since the fence is before the property line him looking through our fence and standing over it would be trespassing. The only reason the fence is within our property line is bc the house he is renting has their garage in the back yard taking up two feet of our yard.

I feel unsafe because he is always watching us, and I have two young daughters. I want them to be able to play in their own yard without feeling threatend. this guy is a creep he was caught wearing his wife’s underwear (use to be a seceret till his wife caught him, fine whatever floats his boat without harming anyone behind close doors is fine ) but he also asked the neighbor if he could have her old undwear so he could wear it. Can you blame me for being freaked out.

Im thinking about calling the police I think I have a pretty solid case for trespassing, animal cruelty, possibly peeping tom/harassment and if I want to be a bitch since we need to redo the privacy fence call the city to remove their garage so our fence can go all the way back. I dont really want to resort to all this because Im afraid it will worsen the situation but Im sick of the bs
Any ideas? IF I have to do you think the police would even bother to do anything about this creep cause noone seems to think they will but to me what hes doing seems illegal. My dad suggest spraying him through the fence with whatever but i figured that would make things worse and possibly get the blame flipped over to me. I’m seriously thinking about it though, If I warned him to stop looking through the fence and then spray him would I get in trouble? i figure if we do get a new fence he would possibly damage it so he could still look through and my bf agrees he will find a way around the fence. HELP! What do i do?

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4 Responses to “Nosy neighbor peeks through our fence and also put nails through it bc of our dogs…?”

  1. Robert says:

    I would either sue him put him in jail or put a hit out on him. Or do it yourself with a magnum sniper… Jking! but that is still an option if you don’t win the court thing or the law suit.

  2. Faye T says:

    There probably isn’t anything you can do about him watching you. You can call the police and complain, but maybe plant a vine or creeping plant along the fence to make it more difficult for him. The police won’t be able to do much on that.
    As far as the nails…if it is YOUR fence on YOUR property then that would be vandalism. He damaged your property with intent to harm an animal. DEFINITELY call the cops for that one! If you can get him for that one I bet he stops being such a headache. Right now you’re letting him run the show. He figures since he lived there first he can do whatever he wants. You’re just "the new people." Give that f**cker a brake check before he gets out of control.

  3. Alex says:

    wow that guy sounds like a real creep, my suggestion is to contact the police and see if they can do anything, you might need evidence though… just saying maybe you should try to collect some evidence, like maybe put a yard decoration out and hide a video camera inside of it or even take pictures of the nails in the fence… hope i helped!

  4. reneem1954_2000 says:

    Im just adding something though I agree with the last guy. Check your city ordinances on the fence. In our town. all structures, inc., fences have to be 2 ft off each others properties. you can not get his garage moved if you have an ordinance like that . I would video tape him and tell him so (you are disclosing it to him so it is not illegal. Maybe even put a sign out saying this property is under surveillance to cover your butts in court)and threaten to take him to court if he doesn’t stop. That may deter him. If not, you have evidence and take him to court.

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