New house has "invisble" dog fence but we don't know what brand & no collars!!?

The problem is, we have no idea what brand of "invisible" fence it is, nor are there any collars. The previous owner was a chatty little thing and said something like "oh, it was a spray collar, not a shock collar". The main wires come into the house through an exterior wall to the main box, but the box has no nomanclature or brand name on it. We now have a very large 2yr old black lab/mastiff mix and she has already taken off about 5 times AT NIGHT the second my husband turns his back or comes in the house to quickly grab something (didn’t learn his lesson the first 4 times I guess). She is as black as the night and drivers FLY down our dirt road out here in the middle the country. Can someone please gve some advice as to how to find out the brand of system that is here OR are there tansmitter collars sold anywhere that are compatible with ALL systems?

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  2. Pat says:

    Most hidden fence collars are not universal. My suggestion would be to call your local DogWatch Hidden Fences dealer and have him/her come out to assess what you have or don’t have. I think they even have a buy back program where they will give you a discount on their equipment if you give them the old stuff. Go to and type in your zipcode. It will give you your local DogWatch dealers contact info. Trust the professionals. You will never regret it.

  3. APBTLady says:

    And be prepared…invisible fences may keep your dogs in..but they wont keep anyone out….other dogs,kids, and people will have full access to your dogs

  4. Pamela says:

    With out serial and model numbers you are SOL. You may as well rip the fence wires out of the ground as it is worth less to you.

    Or have real estate person call other owners and ask for the make and model of fence or if you could buy collars off of them.

    In mean time tie your dogs, when they are out or they will end up getting hit by car.

    If you succeed in getting collars your dogs will need to be trained to use them

  5. lu says:

    call the local companies there are and ask if they installed it or ha\ve them come and tell them you want them to check it and give you an estimate for the coolars and training they will tell you no this is so and so they know.

  6. Aphrodite *BYBs-truth hurts huh? says:

    Well your real estate agent sucked lol. He/she should have found that out for you.

    I’m not too familiar with these invisible fences, but there could be a "universal" collar. I mean the collar would just have to be a receptor to the electric current, which I’m sure any collar designed for an invisible fence could do as long as the invisible fence is transmitting a current.

    Only other thing I can suggest is to find out what companies install these invisible fences and find out if they can come over and figure it out.

  7. JenVT says:

    most transmitters are universal. go to home depot or someplace like that and keep the receipt in case it doesn’t work.

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