Neighbors who stand next to the fence drinking coffee and let their dog work my dogs into a frenzy!?


I have 3 dogs that are well-behaved and other than 2 or 3 short territorial barks, and only 1 dog does it, they are quiet. I have a neighbor who walks his dog after getting coffee by our backyard, stand there sipping it with his wife, or by himself, and lets his dog repeatedly body-slam against the fence while he looks on, like it’s some type of excersize. The obvious route does not take them near our house, when the wife walks the dog you see her walking a block away. Today I had enough, my dogs were going nuts, I looked out the window and this fool was sipping his coffee, his wife had the dog and they stopped 3 times to let the dog get it’s kicks. (our house and yard sit 2 feet above the sidewalk, so they have to let the dog go full slack on it’s leash to reach the fence). I knocked on the window, yelled at him and his response was "oh yeah, well control your dogs", what’s the saying about the pot and the kettle? Is there something (chili pepper?) to put by the fence to deter it?
I looked on the internet and settled on vinegar mixed with RedHot cayenne pepper sauce, painted it on the fence (solid redwood slats) ground to waist high. Hopefully it’ll work. So far the idiot has steered away from my place, and I’m 42 not 80, and the dogs were not playing, it’s called taunting.

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23 Responses to “Neighbors who stand next to the fence drinking coffee and let their dog work my dogs into a frenzy!?”

  1. questionyquestioner says:

    I’d move… lol… I like your chili pepper idea… another one is bitter apple, it has a disgusting taste to it too!

  2. dblake692003 says:

    Why don’t you invite your neighbors over for coffe and bagels or something and discuss how this really iritates you and your dogs, I’m sure you and your neighbor will be able to come up with a solution to this annoying problem together, be neighborly!

  3. lucky says:

    It’s always advisable to settle this problem amicably. If this fails, try contacting the local enforcement agency, which in most c’tries would be the police or the spca(society for the prevention of cruelty to animals). That should help. If these agencies feel that there is no case, then try putting up barbed wires, provided it’s legal to do so. All the best.

  4. usa_audi_tt says:

    i suggest calling the cops for disturbing the peace or something.

  5. gigi70554 says:

    I think the water sprinkler is a great idea..just as long as it is in your yard!! This will keep the people away..they seem to be the problem!

  6. SGT Sullivan says:

    To be politically correct, inform him that the situation is causing problems and could be resolved in a simple manner. Then, when he doesn’t respond, I see you have two options

    1) Get a bigger dog and let him have his fun
    2) There is a spray you can get at the local pet store. It is intended for people to use to keep dogs off their furniture. Use this along the area where his dogs run. They will want nothing to do with it.

  7. di05712 says:

    rat poison and a hot dog. i have problems with my neighbors dogs and my dogs are well behaved also. i just keep yelling at the neighbors and they are getting better. at about 3 in the morning im going to rev my harley and see how they like it

  8. misbehavin165 says:

    Got a camcorder?Film the whole incident and call the police so you can show the officer what you’re having to endure and ask that they deal with this idiot.His dog may get injured hitting your fence and he’ll most likely try to sue you for damages so get proof.But altho there are products on the market to deter animals from going to certain areas they’ll not help your problem.This guy is doing this on purpose for no better reason than he can.I wonder how mad he’d be if you dropped a bunch of glue traps for mice behind your fence for his dog to step on?No,don’t do that.Call the police and try to not let your dogs out when you know he’ll be around.

  9. nascarfan2438 says:

    there isnt a "smell" that will deter another dog from going near the fence. you best option is to call the police, tell them whats happening, how often and when. see if they can send someone out to catch the guy or his wife letting their dog go nuts. they can talk to him, and if he hastles them, then the dog can be removed.

  10. Megan says:

    Ha! That would suck! I’d fricken go get a shock fence from the pet store to shock there dog.

  11. martinamagrace says:

    Very interesting indeed……You didn’t say what you said to him when you yelled out the window? It just seems he is trying to aggravate you for some reason.

    Look at it this way, WHY would a man go out on a regular basis, walk his dog past your house, stop the walking to sip coffee and watch his dog throw himself up against your fence?? He is aware this upsets your dogs and you.

    I think I would go out and "nicely" say something like,"excuse me sir. You know you are upsetting my dogs and me by doing this. May I ask why you do it"?

    Any human on earth would have to give you a decent answer. If he is not nice about it and continues to do it, I would call the police. I am assuming the fence is yours? If so, it is against the law for him to allow his dog to keep bouncing off your fence. What he is doing is a form of harrassment. The police will stop it.

    I want to know WHY he does it??? Could you let us know?
    Good Luck. Don’t loose your temper and whack the guy.

  12. sara_pk1 says:

    Call your local animal control or humane society- his dog could get hurt doing this and in a way this is already neglect. Or, call the cops, since he is allowing his animals to disturb the peace.

  13. chetco says:

    I really think it is time to call your local law enforcement and complain of harassment. Seriosly, it is clear that he is just harassing you and your dogs. The police will come out and give him a warning. You should not worry about his feelings at this point. . He is the one that declared war, and is asking for it.

  14. wlvrne1964 says:

    Put solid siding up on your side of the fence. We had neighbors with an aggressive dog which would bark through the chainlink fence at us.
    So, one day, I went out to put some solid siding on my side. Of course their large dog came growling, barking & generally threatening me so I couldn’t work at the fence.
    I fixed that by giving him smne squirts with the water hose. He retreated to the far corner of his yard while I finished my work. He’d still bark when we’d come out, but because he couldn’t see us, he’d stop right away.

  15. cardinalfanusa says:

    This one should work:
    Set a water sprinkler up next to your fence, so that it will spray water just outside your fence, maybe just a couple of inches past your fence. When he starts walking his dog, turn it on.

  16. macluvzlabs says:

    I don’t know about stuff to put on the fence but I would possibly call the cops

  17. beachbum8187 says:

    yes there is, try something spicy to put there. or move

  18. NicoleAnne says:

    Gese, are you 80 years old? Stop being so picky. They’re just dogs having fun.

  19. Alias_Smith_and_Jones says:

    Issue isn’t the dog, it’s the hostile neighbor. Find out from your police department whether there’s an ordinance that requires control of a dog MORE than just holding the end of a leash. If so, file a complaint.

    And then watch your dogs and yard to be sure the guy isn’t some sort of harmful maniac (besides just being a jerk).

  20. dmbbluez1084 says:

    punch your neighbor in the face.

    haha j.k!

    tell him he’s being ridiculous or if he has his dogs out late at night and you hear them bark call the cops on him!

  21. loonypiper says:

    put an iron gate behined the fence, it will hurt itself and won’t do it again in a hurry!

  22. Mz_AmanDA says:

    WOW that is a crazy story, I would be SO mad! Im sure that the local pet store would have SOMETHING to put on the fence and deter the dogs! Good luck!

  23. dogloverdi says:

    Your neighbour is an ignorant idiot. It’s almost impossible to deal with someone who is a simpleton. Check it out with your local bi-laws at either your government municipality offices. I think you might get more response from them than your pathetic neighbour. You could also print out every ones responses and leave it in his mailbox. This is on the great assumption that he and his wife are not illiterate.

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