Neighbor's dog jumps fence into my yard. Help?


A neighbor’s dog repeatedly jumps the tall privacy fence into my backyard. It has torn up some flowers and defecated all over. The dog is friendly, but I’m getting sick of it. I’ve repeatedly taken the dog back to its house. The owner apologizes profusely, but isn’t doing much to change the situation. He continues to let his dog out unattended, even though he knows the dog can jump fences.

Since talking to the neighbor hasn’t helped at all (and it’s been 6 months), I need to find another solution. I’m sick of coming home to find feces on my porch and my flowers strewn all over the yard. What options do I have? I don’t want to start a big feud with the neighbor, but enough is enough.

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15 Responses to “Neighbor's dog jumps fence into my yard. Help?”

  1. MS DIANE says:

    bring dog back and tell them next time your calling the police. write down day keep track of problems when it happens again bring dog back and call police tell them the problem they should offer to talk to neighbors and (police)tell them if it keeps happening they will get a ticket. but you have to say you seen the dog in your yard or that you brought back already. after 3 times they should get a ticket and prob. could get them to pay for your flowers to be redone. ive return dogs many times and when police get in involved i dont see the dogs anymore.

  2. Leigh says:

    You could run a hot wire along the top of the fence (available at your local farm store), or even install coyote rollers on top of the fence:

    Either of these would probably cure the problem fairly quickly, without causing harm to the dog or problems with the neighbors.

  3. Queen Of Spades--> says:

    Call animal control when the dog is in your yard- they’ll handle it and maybe your neighbor will see them take their dog away.

  4. Bobbie L says:

    Why not just call animal control. At the very least, if the dog is caught out, the owner will be cited for not abiding by the leash control laws.

  5. =]march21[= says:

    My best friend had the same situation. Just tell your neighboor. People are nicer than you think. Suggest that he get a shock collar or always superise the dog. It won’t be as bad as you think 😉

  6. Xczvv says:

    make the fenc ehigher, or buy and electric fence for them. my dog is a fence hopper too, and the electirc fence stoped him. other then that, maybe spray him with a water gun, or try to scare him somehow. if he relates fear with your yard he wont hop into it anymore

  7. ~smiles~ says:

    try spraying (or pouring) vinegar or some other revolting smelling thing on the fence

  8. crazy8eddie says:

    Call animal control. They will not reveal who turned in the dog.

  9. Efaa says:

    Make your fence bigger!!And bigger until he cant jump that high.
    theres also this dog repellent you can buy maybe you could spray it by the fence.

  10. Marry Me says:

    barb wire

  11. Rev. Truth says:

    Spray it with a hose!

  12. darren w says:

    add more height to the fence, ask your neighbor for money towards it or preferably the full cost

  13. outshined_81 says:

    Shoot it in the ass with a BB gun.

  14. isaacchef says:


  15. Artchick says:

    I suggest that you find a time when you feel calm and not irritated.. go over there and ask for a moment of their time to discuss the problem. Tell them that it’s gone on too long and that you would like them to find a solution. DON’T get mad… take a deep breath.. If they don’t satisfy your concern, tell them that the only solution that you can do is to call animal control and you want to give them the opportunity to solve the problem BEFORE you do that.
    Let them know that you feel that you have been patient and the next time, that is what you are going to do.
    Animal control will have numerous solutions to offer.

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