Neighbor dog(s) problem?


Okay, these neighbors behind me are idiots…It is a young couple and their mother lives with them. They have a young (4 yr. old?) that is rude 24/7 and i ignore him. The poor thing has no social skills, nor does he get attention from his parents. Anyway, I have no idea why, but they wont stop getting dogs. So far, I have seen 7 different dogs in their yard (little dogs, no larger then 20 lbs). They ALL have/had anger problems and one attacked me on the way home from school. The owner said "whoops, my bad." I think they put one down b/c they didnt want it, one died from hip surgery, and 2 other ones just disapeered. They NEVER stop barking and bark at 5 in the morning. They wake me up everyday including the weekends when the only time i get to sleep in.

Latley, one of their 2 wiener dogs goes through its fence and into ours (we also have a fenced in yard it is very big). Everytime it gets through, it starts coming closer to the house. Contd…
I am terrified to go near it b/c it will attack me. It squeels while going through the fence and then takes like 20 mins to find its way back in to its yard. Now it is bothering my dogs and they wont go outside.

What should I do?
Yes I am afraid of a wiener dog. They maybe little, but they were bread to hunt badgers. I dont want to be the one to test their jaw strenght….

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8 Responses to “Neighbor dog(s) problem?”

  1. Scoobychick says:

    First thing I would do is call the AC or the Cops. Second I would start carrying a Bat or large stick with you.

  2. timastin says:

    Talk to them one time, after that report them to animal control the next time thier dogs get loose.

  3. crazyturtleman999 says:

    I would call the police or animal control. They could get into trouble for being animal horders (i think thats how you spell it) but the police would be a good choice to start. If you are worried about them coming after you or giving you a hard time you could make the call anonomous. Other than that there isnt much I think you can do unless you can talk to them and get anywhere that way which doesnt sound possible. But if they are neglecting the animals the way it sounds animal control should be call right away. Hopefully you find a way to find peace around home.

  4. Samantha says:

    try going over there when the dogs arent there and then try to talk to your neighbor friendly and tell them whats going on maybe they will decide to keep them in side most of the time

  5. GoBlue says:

    Call the humane society – most states have a law on the legal number of dogs one family can own without being registered as a kennel.

  6. Angie E says:

    Fix the fence and mind your own business.

  7. galloping . greys says:

    Your scared of a wiener dog attacking you?

    Anyways, I would call animal control on them. They obviously aren’t taking care of their dogs, and they just keep getting more, which they ultimately get rid of.

    Ha, I guess they could bite hard. Again, call animal control, or the cops on them. They are posing a risk to you, and your dogs.

    And no, she shouldn’t just fix their fence and mind her business.

  8. Amiee W says:

    Please call your local humane shelter as they will investigate and make sure they are not neglecting their animals. It sounds like they are so they can get a warrant and remove the pets from their premises and put them in a good home.

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