need Help with My 8 week Siberian Husky?


What are some Important commands i should teach my dog?
and one issue.. When I 1st got him I let him sleep next to me.. but I need him to sleep in his own area, his area is next to my room, we close it off and when he’s sleepy he will sleep there no issues.. but he wakes up and then starts to cry, and cries on the little fence we put up,, hes trying to get into the living room, what can I do to let him know he isnt alone?
should i Put a night light? I have been putting a radio on low.. but it doesnt work…
what should I do?

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5 Responses to “need Help with My 8 week Siberian Husky?”

  1. Myta says:

    As for the sleeping alone, he’ll get used to it with time. My neighbor did the same thing, let his little puppy sleep with him a few weeks, then made her sleep in a crate in his room, she’d cry all night for the first week, I could hear it in my room at night in the apartment upstairs. Now she’s fine and loves sleeping in her crate, it’s her personal space of home.

    He should learn the basic commands, sit, down (as in lay down), come, stay, off (as in get off me, keeps the dog from learning to jump up on people, a typical problem with huskies, also works for get off the couch). Also, it’s a good idea to use the ‘down’ when someone comes to your door. If the dog is laying down when they enter, he won’t ever have the chance to jump up, accidentally knock down a small person, or run out the door because he is being a good boy and lying down like you told him. Training these things at an early age is really the best way, so he never learns bad habits. Also teach him "potty" for when you want him to pee on command (if you’re late for work and he has to pee before you leave for 5 hrs…)

  2. G♥ldenp♥ny says:

    He’s only 8 weeks old and you should just be getting him. Secondly, don’t teach habits that you don’t want later then wonder why he’s acting like he is. Start from the very beginning to show him the boundaries and expectations. Make sure he’s warm and has plenty of water and a soft place to sleep. Give him plenty of exercise and playtime then when it’s bedtime, make it just that. Do not respond to his attention seeking except for the 2 hour potty breaks you should be giving him around the clock. Good luck and read up on raising a puppy 🙂

  3. Frawggy says:

    This dog is still a pup. And unfortunately, some things you need to wait out that aren’t really in your control (like his crying).
    Some basic commands he’ll need to know are
    -lay down
    and just some non-basic commands (for example: if he’s eating food off your counter, you’ll wanna train him not to do that).
    Tricks are secondary. Some tricks you might wanna try to teach him would be…
    -switch (switching paws)
    -army crawl (basically when he’s laying down and crawling on the floor; similar to a herding dog?)

    I’d take things slow with him. Huskys are generally independent dogs, and teaching him any basic command is golden. You are gonna need a LOT of patience with your pooch. Huskys are not generally the easiest dog to train.
    Good luck :3

  4. Gina says:

    It depends what you want the dog to do. Most people teach sit, down, stay, recall and shake paws. Huskies are very intelligent so need a lot of stimulation and the chance to learn something each day. As for recall, that is THE most important thing when it comes to me and my dogs but huskies are not meant to be let off lead due to their instinct to run off. You can still teach it though, just on long leads.

    For the sleeping part, put him in his "area", make sure he cant injure himself or chew anything. Make it comfortable with his bed and bowl and a couple of toys then leave him to it. All pups will cry, whine, yap and bark for the first few nights. It DOES get better and soon he will be fine. The more you pander to him and keep going back to him the longer it will take to make him stop. Try making it a nice area by feeding him there as well.

  5. DeeDawg says:

    a husky is made to run with 5 or more other dogs. they are also supposed to sleep together.
    this pup needs to sleep with his pack- YOU. not in your bed, but putting a crate in your bedroom would be best.

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