Need advice on a type of dog to add to our family….?


Here’s the deal…I have a four year old boxer/lab mix who is wonderful with my 2-year old, other dogs, and our 2 cats. We have been taking care of my best friends dog for the last 2 years while she is on duty overseas. She will be coming home in less than 60 days. Her dog is a little pug which my daughter believes to be hers. Herbie (pug) has been with us as far back as my daughter can remember. We are going to get her a puppy after Herbie goes home with his mom. I also think that our other dog will need the companionship. He and Herbie have gotten close over 2 years. I am looking for a puppy to add to our family. I have the time to be home and housetrain the dog so that is not a problem. I would like a dog that is good with kids, cats, and other dogs. I would also like a dog that does not weigh over 70 pounds, needs constant grooming, and does not need tons of exercise. I do walk the dogs, we have a fenced in yard, and we play alot. Any advise on what type of dog to bring home?
My husband is not fond of little dogs. He would prefer a male dog in the medium size range. The larger end of small dogs and the smaller end of large dogs would probably be OK. I have already put our application to the pound for pre-approval. We are just waiting on the right dog right now. We are not in a hurry and want to make the right decision for our family. Thanks for your help!

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    7 Responses to “Need advice on a type of dog to add to our family….?”

    1. buffyharlee says:

      I would recommend a Chocolate Labrador any day. They are so loyal and child friendly. We had one for 16 years growing up with our children. He was fantastic with them until he passed away last year.
      We have had a Jack Russell Terrier for just on 3 years now and he is great with kids and also very loving and loyal. They like to go for walks but also playing ball out the backyard is just as fun for him. Brushing his coat every couple of weeks keeps him looking good and healthy.

    2. namissaas224 says:

      Dacshunds make good dogs. They are little but they dont act like other small dogs. Mine thinks he is bigger then my chow! They make excellen pets.They are sooo cute as puppies!

    3. JZ says:

      ask the friend overseas what kind of dog they would take in trade for the one you’ve cared for the past 2 years. your kids aren’t going to care what kind of dog you get, just that it’s not the one soon to be leaving them. If this absolutely isn’t an option, labs and golden retrievers have the best temperament for children. If you need a smaller dog due to living conditions, a shelty (aka miniature colly) is a good pick.

    4. DP says:

      How about a pug??

    5. katy s says:

      a dog that is playful since u have kids and family. i would suggest a golden retriever or a chocolate lab. dont pick a dog thats too high maintance or independant.

    6. madpickboy says:

      Lab or Boxer

    7. majormimini says:

      I would see if your friend would take a new pug in place of the one you have been looking after. If this is not possible I would try a another pug or, a beagle can make a great kids dog. They have few health problems a short coat and minimal exercise requirements. Just don’t over feed them they love food! If you like the bigger breeds a Labrador or a Golden retriever are great family dogs however they can be boisterous for a young child and do require a fair amount of excercise to stay healthy. The other good thing to do is stay in touch with your local rescue group there are lots of crossbreed dogs who make wonderful pets and would love you forever for giving them a good home. The organisers are always happy to guide you with your choice.

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