Need advice about training my dog with underground invisible fence.?


I have a 9 year old male pug and have been trying to train him with an underground invisible fence I just installed. I bought extra flags so there is a flag about every 4 to 6 inches. But after three days, he still isn’t getting it. He has not correlated the static correction with the flags. Now he doesn’t even want to go outside. If I take him outside, he freaks out and doesn’t want to move. I followed the directions on how to train just as described in the book that came with the fence. What should I do???
I have the collar on the lowest setting. I can tell when he gets the static correction (which occurs only when he is by the fence) because he yelps and jumps up into the air.

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One Response to “Need advice about training my dog with underground invisible fence.?”

  1. Goldengal says:

    Check the collar to see if the setting is too high. Also check the perimeter distance your allowing your dog. I don’t know it works with the fence you got but with mine it can be set for 6 ft. and then 10 ft. from the distance to where the dog would get the correction. You could be zapping your dog as soon as he walks out the door.

    Oh no the poor dog. It could be that this particular fence corrections are just too strong for your little dog. I know you spent alot of money but it just may not work for him. 🙁

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