Name of the Tool to Detect Break in an Invisible Dog Fence

Wire Break Locator

I am looking for the the name of that wand-like tool that you can use to walk around the yard and detect a break in the underground wire of an invisible dog fence. It works much like a metal detector only it emits a signal over the underground fence wire but when it comes to a break in the wire, the signal stops.

I’ve called some hidden fence company contractors to inquire how much they would charge to come out and find the cut wire in my yard, and it is expensive. That is why I would like to purchase this underground wire locator, so I can find the cut dog fence wire myself. And then I’ll have it on hand for the next time it happens, or I can help out my neighbors if their invisible dog fence breaks.

Pet Safe offers the PetSafe Wire Break Locator.  Other brands may have similar products, or you can do it yourself with an RF Choke and an AM Radio.

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2 Responses to “Name of the Tool to Detect Break in an Invisible Dog Fence”

  1. RF Choke says:

    When we had a broken underground invisible fence wire we put an RF choke coil on the transmitter unit in the house and use an AM radio to find the break. You can find the choke at a hardware store or electronics supply store like Radio Shack.

  2. Buried Line Locator says:

    The tool you’re looking for is a buried line locator or wire break locator. Look them up online. I think they are kind of pricy, like a few hundred dollars. You may be able to call dog fence company or utility employee (like an electrician) who has this tool and can find it for you. I bet they charge around $70/hour.

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